NowLab Workshop: AI-Driven Design

Our latest NowLab workshop covers AI driven design.

Nowlab Workshop: Designing for XR

Our latest Nowlab Workshop explores how to design for XR.

What We’ve Been Up To in the NowLab: From VR in the Sky to New Ventures with Lionsgate & Unity

Industry insiders from the media, entertainment, agency and software worlds converged to attend the VR in the Sky Conference.

Approach to Innovation // Isobar NowLab

Learn more about the IsobarNowlab.

Uniting Art with Music : Isobar & CHIVR

Since 2015, Isobar has been building a robust capability in virtual, augmented and mixed reality design and development.

Bringing together Chicago’s VR community

Come see us at the CHIVR Wednesday, March 22.

Are you ready to augment your reality?

Insights from "AR in Action" at the MIT Forum.

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