Managed Healthcare Report

In just the past 12 months, the speed of disruption has escalated quickly where a land grab is being fought by both large and small players alike.


Quick Service Restaurants are feeling the impacts of limited growth as they continue to be squeezed by competition beyond the natural competitors within their segment.

Pharmaceutical Report

When looking at the Digital Strength Index, pharmaceutical companies score on the low end of the spectrum overall.

Casual Dining Report

To compete with the changing tastes of diners in a saturated market, the casual dining category requires true transformation and innovation grounded by a digital strategic framework focusing on the dining customer journey.

Big Eight Retail

For our first analysis of the retail industry Isobar and alpha-DNA evaluate eight of the largest retailers by revenue.

Casual Apparel Retail Report

For our second analysis of the retail industry Isobar and alpha-DNA evaluate casual apparel retailers.

Hotel Industry Report

With the ever-changing landscape hotels have been maneuvering to get a step ahead (or at least stay relevant) through recent acquisitions or by starting to dip their toes into the rental/share market.

Airline Industry Report

In our first peer group analysis, part of our ongoing Digital Strength Index (DSI) study, Isobar and alpha-DNA evaluate US domestic airlines.

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