Three Ways to Test and Learn Rapidly – and Remotely

It’s never been more important – and challenging – for businesses to embrace a culture of rapid testing and learning. And if 2020 taught us anything, it's just how quickly consumer behavior can change.

In the House! Outdoor Brands Go Indoors

Industries ranging from music concerts to sports, which depend on people gathering in large groups, have adapted to the times.

Why the Travel Industry Is Coming Back

The travel industry is far from out of the woods. Its recovery will take a very long time, but we believe the industry is poised for a comeback in 2021.

Four Big Ways the CMO Is Changing During the Pandemic

CMOs are in high demand as businesses turn to them to figure out how to build their brands during a time of uncertainty.

The Quarantine Families That Play Together Stay Together

Some major brands are stepping up to help families, especially by incorporating digital to create and learn together.

Why Settle for Boring? Creative Experiences in the Age of Covid-19

Providing a convenient customer experience is so 2020. To succeed going forward, businesses must engineer delight through creative experiences.

It’s Time for Pivot Planning

Was it possible for a business to plan for and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Coronavirus Storefront: Should I go back?

After a customer has visited your storefront during the pandemic, will they come back?

The Coronavirus Storefront: How to Buy

You want to buy something. But we’re in the midst of a pandemic, you need to keep far away from people. So what do you do? 

The Coronavirus Storefront: Figuring Out What to Buy

COVID-19's impact on businesses goes beyond shutting their storefront doors; it changed the entire consumer journey.

Beyond the Headlines, Government’s Digital Response to COVID-19

Today you will read the news about Congress’s stimulus package and all the new services and benefits aimed at both keeping people safe from coronavirus and shoring-up our economy.

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