CES 2021 Loves Stay-at-Home Customer Experiences

Maybe it’s time to rebrand CES as the Consumer Experience Show. What we’re seeing from the 2021 CES is the emergence of connected consumer experiences powering the stay-at-home economy. 

CES 2020 Day 3 recap

We finished our week at CES by swinging by Eureka park one last time.

CES 2020 Day 2 recap

Worldwide VR, gesture controls, and personalized flight information by Delta

CES 2020: Day 1 Recap

Future of podcasts, hand tracking and...key fobs?

CES 2020 preview: The expectations and excitement

Greetings from Las Vegas!

CES 2019

The Age of Intelligence, Autonomy and Augmented Humanity

Considering Commercialization’s Impact

Jenessa Carder shares her thoughts on the announcements coming from CES.

Live from CES: A Year of Self Care

Puja Kartan reports on key themes emerging from this year's exhibition

It’s All About The Ears

Highlights from Eureka Park.

Beyond Voice

The year of voice and the future of interaction.

CES…We’re Coming for You

Viva Las CES

CES 2018 | A Future Still in Development

Check out our recap from CES 2018!

Putting the Consumer Back in Consumer Electronics

Predictions for CES 2019 and lots of connected devices.

CES Consumer Experience

This year at CES, maturity seems to be the talk of the town.

Okay Google…Can You Ask Alexa to Turn off the Lights?

AI assistants battle it out to become our favorite.

CES: The Tell-tale Sign That a New Year Has Commenced

Our on the ground team shares what they are most looking forward to at this year's show.

CES 2017: What You Need to Know

We kicked off the new year with CES and our team was on the ground to determine what has potential and what was all hype.

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