Advertising Week 2017

We had it all covered at #AWNewYork

This year, we had two speakers representing Isobar covering two of the hottest industry topics: AI and emotion science.

Facing the Data and Technology Transparency Problem

Another strong theme at this year’s AWNY revolved around addressing the technology transparency problem.

Is it critical? Yes. Unequivocally, Yes.

The second day of Advertising Week had a lot of focus on diversity, inclusion, uniqueness and controversy.

Is the usage of data in advertising delighting or deterring consumers?

The value of data, how it is used, and how it is obtained by companies is a hot topic at this year’s AWNY.

The agency of the future, what does it really look like?

The evolving role of the advertising agency is a big theme at this year’s Advertising Week.

Slash Culture: The Continued Rise of the Millennial Consumer

Lessons learned from #AWNewYork.

Artificial Intelligence: The Reality, The Future, The Pros and The Cons

It only took a few hours at AWNY to recognize that AI is going to be the most talked about “buzz word."

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