Lauren Santemma

Lauren Santemma

Associate Creative Director | Isobar

Designer, yoga enthusiast, foodie.

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Latest Posts

5th Oct 2018

Creative Wellness Check

Lauren Santemma shares her thoughts on the idea of "creative health" and how to get past our creative blocks.

4th Oct 2018

The Robots are Here…And We’re Going to be Friends with Them

Our take on the AI conversation at AWNY.

3rd Oct 2018

Let the Customers Do All the Work (Sort of)

On day two of AWNY we look at how ideas are shaped by culture.

2nd Oct 2018

Advertising: A Two-Way Conversation

Key takeaways from AWNY discussion “How Media & Brands Are Using Voice AI and Smart Speakers to Connect with Consumers”

9th Nov 2017

Equality in Our Industry: The Answer is a Question

A constant theme throughout the two days of the conference was the notion of asking questions.