Jenessa Carder

Jenessa Carder

Strategy Director | Isobar

A strategist brain & creative at heart, lover of laffy taffy jokes, student of cultures and, altogether, nerd.

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Latest Posts

4th Dec 2019

It’s BYOP (Password), Not BYOD (Device)

All it takes to unlock your files is internet access and a password.

13th Sep 2019

Challenging your approach to work with a growth mindset

“You know you are learning if you feel challenged.”

1st Feb 2019

Breaking the Super Bowl Clutter

Jenessa Carder explores the Super Bowl as a collective experience.

14th Jan 2019

Considering Commercialization’s Impact

Jenessa Carder shares her thoughts on the announcements coming from CES.

9th Jan 2019

Beyond Voice

The year of voice and the future of interaction.

8th Jan 2019

Speaking “Jenessa”

What AI needs to learn.

11th Dec 2018

What Marketers Can Learn From Burger King’s Geo-Conquesting Strategy Against McDonald’s

Who would've predicted that the physical space that your brand takes up could be up for grabs to competitors?

30th Oct 2018

Business Insight from an Astronaut’s Point of View

A look back at 4A’s Strat Fest.

3rd Oct 2018

What Makes a Strategist, Strategic?

Our own Jenessa Carder breaks down what makes a strategist, strategic.

19th Aug 2018

The Launch of Helps Combat Loneliness

Key takeaways from the Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging.

9th Apr 2018

6 Steps to Eliminate Design Bias

How to rework your design process in 6 easy steps.

20th Mar 2018

Engaging America’s Mature Generation While Improving Quality of Life Through Technology

A hot topic at this year's SXSW is how to better humanity and improve the quality of life for all people and populations.

11th Sep 2018

A New Way to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Lessons learned from InBound2018, Hubspot's annual user conference.

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