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16th Sep 2021

How Businesses Are Innovating for Good

Can being purpose-driven unlock innovation? You bet it can.

19th Jul 2021

Own Your First-Party Data!

First-party data. It’s a sexy topic in marketing right now—dominating the agenda of marketing conversations everywhere.

15th Jul 2021

How Businesses Can Create High-Quality Content at Scale

Businesses need a more agile way to support their digital transformation with high-quality content at scale – and dentsu’s Content Symphony is the answer.

26th May 2021

Get the Squeeze on Andy Woolfolk

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

7th May 2021

Are You Ready for Social Audio?

In a Covid-19 era that has effectively quashed the spontaneous conversations that used to bloom in cubicle land, social audio apps have flourished.

4th May 2021

How and Why Streaming Services Are Embracing Purpose

After enjoying a year of explosive growth during the rise of the stay-at-home economy, streaming services are not just ramping up content but also embracing purpose, especially diversity and inclusion.

30th Apr 2021

2021: The Year of Brand Consistency, Efficiency and Agility

Dentsu's latest report uncovers insights from 200 global marketers who shared their priorities and their plans for the future.

28th Apr 2021

Quick-and-Dirty Consumer Research on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is not only a barometer of culture, but also a potentially red-hot proving ground for brands as new ideas percolate within clubs and rooms. 

26th Apr 2021

Three Ways to Test and Learn Rapidly – and Remotely

It’s never been more important – and challenging – for businesses to embrace a culture of rapid testing and learning. And if 2020 taught us anything, it's just how quickly consumer behavior can change.

16th Apr 2021

Get the Squeeze on Claire Bartosic

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

15th Apr 2021

To DTC or Not to DTC? How Direct-to-Consumer Is Evolving

DTC has exploded amid the rise of the stay-at-home economy, and providing a lovable customer experience will separate the leaders from the followers.

9th Apr 2021

Forrester Names Dentsu a Strong Performer

Dentsu is proud to be named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave: Commerce Services, Q1 2021.

8th Apr 2021

Invasion of the Wellness Apps

The rise of wellness startup apps also offers some important lessons for brands regardless of what industry you are in — such as providing a mobile-first customer experience and responding to changes in consumer behavior.

5th Apr 2021

Why Godzilla vs. Kong Is Taking Over the World

Conventional wisdom says that releasing a movie in theaters and on a streaming platform at the same time is a no-win strategy. But the success of Godzilla vs. Kong demonstrates otherwise.

30th Mar 2021

Invest in CX to Win During Uncertainty

How do you future proof your business? A new Adobe report suggests investing in customer experience is what separates the leaders from the pack.

24th Mar 2021

Get the Squeeze on Sameena Balram

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

17th Mar 2021

Virtual Goods, Real Money: The Gamification of the Digital Customer Experience

This virtual spend creates an enormous opportunity for businesses to generate real money on merchandise for virtual worlds.   

16th Mar 2021

Isobar Named a Leader in Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Global Marketing Agencies

We're proud to have been positioned as a Leader for the seventh consecutive time.

11th Mar 2021

Creative Commerce Is in Every Brand’s Future

With creative commerce, brands need to use the power of digital creative to develop an emotional bond with people where they are online, convince them to purchase, and then manage the back-end seamlessly. 

3rd Mar 2021

Work Out and Date: Personal Fitness 2021

How people stay fit has probably changed for good. Personal fitness brands are now stay-at-home fitness brands and providing a great customer experience sets them apart.

25th Feb 2021

Get the Squeeze on Damien O’Mahoney

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

22nd Feb 2021

Why Virtual Showrooms Are Hot – and Getting Hotter

It’s tempting to assume that virtual showrooms are a byproduct of life during the pandemic, but as with so many other post-pandemic trends, Covid-19 accelerated behaviors that were changing already. 

11th Feb 2021

In the House! Outdoor Brands Go Indoors

Industries ranging from music concerts to sports, which depend on people gathering in large groups, have adapted to the times.

9th Feb 2021

Get the Squeeze on Claire Mirisola

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

4th Feb 2021

Why the Travel Industry Is Coming Back

The travel industry is far from out of the woods. Its recovery will take a very long time, but we believe the industry is poised for a comeback in 2021.

2nd Feb 2021

Is Clubhouse Your House?

Suddenly everyone is talking about Clubhouse, the invitation-only social app. And there's no bells or whistles to it, just talk.

21st Jan 2021

Get the Squeeze on Evon Yao

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

12th Jan 2021

TikTok, TikTok: Why 2021 is the Year of Live Commerce

The pandemic accelerated a shift to e-commerce by five years, so live commerce is having a moment. And 2021 is barely under way.

7th Jan 2021

Brace Yourselves: 2021 Will Change Everything about Digital Creative

If 2020 was about brands trying to win a race to create the best digital experience possible, 2021 is about rethinking the digital experience completely.

22nd Dec 2020

Get The Squeeze on Heather Fellows

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

21st Dec 2020

That’s All Folks! Warner Brothers and Disney Leave Their Competitors in the Dust

Industry leaders never stand still. But two of them, Disney and Warner Brothers, are moving faster than The Flash.

3rd Dec 2020

Get The Squeeze on Justin Earley

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on our team.

17th Nov 2020

Get The Squeeze on Cláudio De Souza

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

13th Nov 2020

What Black Friday? Why Singles Day Matters

Singles Day may provide interesting lessons for US retailers looking ahead to the 2020 holiday shopping season.

12th Nov 2020

Get The Squeeze on Steph Wulz

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

10th Nov 2020

Four Big Ways the CMO Is Changing During the Pandemic

CMOs are in high demand as businesses turn to them to figure out how to build their brands during a time of uncertainty.

29th Oct 2020

The Quarantine Families That Play Together Stay Together

Some major brands are stepping up to help families, especially by incorporating digital to create and learn together.

20th Oct 2020

Why Settle for Boring? Creative Experiences in the Age of Covid-19

Providing a convenient customer experience is so 2020. To succeed going forward, businesses must engineer delight through creative experiences.

9th Oct 2020

Dinosaurs and Superheroes: Why Your Car May Become a Virtual Playground

Extended reality experiences such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) play two crucial roles in the adoption of fully autonomous vehicles.

23rd Sep 2020

DTC as an Experience: Lessons Learned from the Spirits Industry

Like many industries, the spirits category has seen a rise in direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales as the COVID-19 pandemic affects on-premise consumption.

10th Sep 2020

Why Businesses Are Investing in Augmented Reality

What does the uptake of augmented reality (AR) look like in this new era of social distancing? What kind of opportunities exist for businesses to embrace AR?

25th Aug 2020

Target and Walmart Show Why Curbside Pickup Is Essential

Quarterly earnings show which companies are set-up for success.

22nd Jun 2020


Isobar has decided to join the push to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

22nd Apr 2020

The Full View: Insights and Innovation to Inform the Customer Journey

Elliot Savitzky will talk insights and innovation to inform the customer journey at TMRE’s Digital Week

10th Jan 2020

CES 2020 Day 3 recap

We finished our week at CES by swinging by Eureka park one last time.

10th Jan 2020

Looking Forward to Retail’s Big Show

With NRF 2020 Retail’s Big Show approaching, our team is gearing up for three days of immersion in the latest technologies and trends impacting retailers.

9th Jan 2020

CES 2020 Day 2 recap

Worldwide VR, gesture controls, and personalized flight information by Delta

8th Jan 2020

CES 2020: Day 1 Recap

Future of podcasts, hand tracking and...key fobs?

7th Jan 2020

CES 2020 preview: The expectations and excitement

Greetings from Las Vegas!

20th Dec 2019

Happy Holidays from Isobar!

This year, we were able to give something that can’t fit in a box or an envelope to our clients.

26th Sep 2019

Cannabis Marketing is Stuck in the Stone Age

Though cannabis has been around for what seems like ever, it’s a new territory for marketers and is a whole new world of brands.  

26th Sep 2019

We Could All Do With a Bit More Inspiration

Designing for inspiration, not interruption.

24th Sep 2019

Audio is Here to Stay

Voice is on the up and up.

24th Sep 2019

Inclusivity: We’re Not There Yet

The Road to Eradicating Ageism

23rd Sep 2019

The State of AI: It Needs the Human Touch

To start things off, we headed to a panel on The State of AI

19th Sep 2019

Four female leaders on growing a culture of innovation

Kickass quotes from some leading adland women at the Digital Marketing World Forum

13th Sep 2019

Transforming U.S. Air Force Information Technology

Insights from the Air Force IT & Cyberpower Conference

12th Sep 2019

What Are You Really Loyal To?

Finding a Way to Turn Consumers Into Loyalists.

11th Sep 2019

Embracing VR to Build Brand Equity

How the Unlikeliest of Brands Can Leverage VR to Engage 18 - 25 Year Olds

11th Sep 2019

The Next Frontier of Commerce

A Power Luncheon at Code Commerce

3rd Sep 2019

Growing A Culture of Innovation

A Sneak Preview of What’s to Come at #DMWF.

28th Aug 2019

Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards: Firstborn Makes the Sneaker Drop Cool Again

A Q&A with the Firstborn team.

28th Aug 2019

Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards: A Virtual, Human Experience

A Q&A with Dave Meeker, Chief Innovation Officer

15th Jul 2019

Challenge Coins, the 10th Tee + Cloud Migration

A Quick Look Back at the MITs

12th Jul 2019

Isobar identified as one of the ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Market Research Companies’

Top 50 for Strategic Consultancies and Emerging Players.

3rd Jul 2019

Get The Squeeze on Ashli Eigenrauch

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

19th Jun 2019

How Can You Stand Out in Commerce?

Make Things People Want

19th Jun 2019

Alexa, How Do I Design a Great Voice Experience?

Our CCO Shares Insights

18th Jun 2019

It All Started With a Bit of Improv…

Day one did not disappoint and we’re already well into day two of one of our biggest events of the year.

18th Jun 2019

Transformation is Always a Human Story

To kick things off at Salesforce Connections, Ricardo let the audience in on a little secret.

11th Jun 2019

Isobar at CNX 2019

From demos at the booth to sessions on the main stage, we’ve got a lot going on next week at Salesforce Connections

10th Jun 2019

CNX 2019 | The Future of Customer Engagement

What we’re looking forward to at this year’s event

11th Apr 2019

Get The Squeeze on Holly Ferguson

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

31st Mar 2019

AEM 6.5, AI and Adobe Analytics

Adobe sessions gave us many reasons to be excited.

24th Mar 2019

Diamonds Are Forever

Isobar Heads to Adobe Summit as a Diamond Sponsor

15th Mar 2019

SXSW 2019: Healthcare, Retail + Innovation

This year our team zeroed in on three key areas

13th Mar 2019

Adobe Summit 2019 | Innovative. Informative. Inspiring.

Check out what we have going on at the big event!

8th Mar 2019

SXSW: Let’s Face It, We Really Just Go for the Tacos

Our Team Gears Up for the Annual Austin Event

8th Mar 2019

It’s Time to Un-Tip the Scales Once and For All

IWD 2019: #BalanceForBetter

15th Feb 2019

Isobar Good: Where We’re Headed

As our teams set their agendas for 2019, here’s a quick look at what each of our office leads has planned for an excellent year of Isobar Good.

13th Feb 2019

Get The Squeeze on Rudy Loo

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

1st Feb 2019

Emerging Trends from NRF 2019

Download the report for key trends for brand and retailers from the show.

1st Feb 2019

Super Bowl: The High Holy Day…for Creatives

Super Bowl has long been considered the highest, holiest day for creatives.  Let's see what our own creatives have to say.

25th Jan 2019

Q&A With Deb Boyda and Neal Sharma

Isobar welcomes DEG to the family

18th Jan 2019

NRF 2019: It’s All About the Experience

A look back at NRF 2019 - Retail's Big Show.

10th Jan 2019

Zwilling: A Transformation for the Ages

Serving up e-commerce.

10th Jan 2019

It’s Time for the Big Show

NRF 2019

4th Jan 2019

CES…We’re Coming for You

Viva Las CES

4th Jan 2019

2019 Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out?

Our design team shares what's in and what’s on its way out

20th Dec 2018

Warm Wishes Brought to You by AR

Happy Holidays from the Isobar Team!

20th Dec 2018

Get The Squeeze on Erin Ackerman

Our people are what make us special, get The Squeeze on the Isobar team.

10th Dec 2018

Q3 2018 Quarterly Growth Report

Staying on top of a continuously evolving marketplace.

5th Dec 2018

A Look at Isobar Commerce in 2019

Steve Coy + Shawn Mishra take a look at the future of commerce at Isobar coming off of the Forrester Wave recognition.

19th Nov 2018

Annual Women’s Community Charity Auction

All money raised benefited Girls Who Code.

12th Nov 2018

Get to Know Them: A Q&A With Our C Suite

Up close and personal with our CTO, CMO and CIO.

30th Oct 2018

The 2018 Hatch Awards

Wins, Work and Keytar Bear.

28th Oct 2018

TMRE 2018

Isobar's key take aways and themes from this years event.

26th Oct 2018

WIRED25: The Top Moments

Our favorite moments from WIRED25.

9th Oct 2018

Digital Strength Index Consumer Staples Report

Experiences that connect with customers.

9th Oct 2018

Corporate Researchers Conference

What were some of our top take-aways from CRC?

5th Oct 2018

How Did Aeronaut Come to Be a Cannes Lion Winner?

Find out during the Analytics Rising Webinar.

5th Oct 2018

Isobar at #AWNewYork

Coverage from our sessions at this year's AWNY.

14th Sep 2018

Isobar Launches The Squeeze

Welcome to The Squeeze.

11th Sep 2018

My Summer Internship in a Word: Immersive

The Isobar Marketing Intern shares her experience in the Chicago office this summer.

6th Sep 2018

Isobar to Serve as Digital Experience Agency for WIRED25

Pleased to announce our partnership with WIRED25 as the event's digital experience agency.

20th Aug 2018

Bring Isobar to SXSW 2019! Vote Now

We need your help! We’d like to bring our people and ideas to the SXSW stage again in 2019.

30th Jul 2018

How Biometrics Can Elevate Your Research Strategy

Jessica Azoulay demonstrated the fundamentals and technology of biometric user testing to an engaged crowd from IxDA.

11th Jul 2018

2018 Topline Report

The Topline Report is our broad, annual review of the link between digital strength, shareholder value, and future revenue.

1st Jul 2018

Q1 2018 Quarterly Growth Report

Staying on top of a continuously evolving marketplace.

19th Jun 2018

The Digital Strength Index: Magnitude Explained

Magnitude: The size of a company's digital presence.

18th Jun 2018

The Power of (Work) Friendship

A look back at Inforum Michigan's 56th Annual Meeting and the power of work friendships.

1st Jun 2018

Isobar Wins MediaPost 2018 Appy Award for Heidelberg Project App

The app was also a finalist in the Charity/Non-Profit category.

28th May 2018

2018 Top 50 Innovative Company in Market Research

Isobar identified as one of the ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Market Research Companies’

12th May 2018

Q4 2017 Quarterly Growth Report

Staying on top of a continuously evolving marketplace.

3rd May 2018

SXSW Afterglow: The Sessions That Stuck with Me

From gender diversity to technology, there was no lack of resonating content at SXSW 2018.

3rd May 2018

Isobar Named a Finalist for the Appy Awards

MediaPost selected the Heidelberg Project App in both the Charity/Non Profit and Mapping/Location-Based/Place-Based categories

18th Apr 2018

Isobar Named Finalist for 2018 MITX Awards

Aeronaut VR selected for Best Artificial, Virtual or Mixed Reality Application Category

23rd Mar 2018

Adobe Summit 2018: We’re Coming for You

A quick look at what our team is looking forward to at the 2018 Adobe Summit.

21st Mar 2018

SXSW 2018 Recap Report

The top tech, trends and highlights from the 2018 SXSW Interactive Festival.

19th Mar 2018

A Look Back at SXSW

Highlights from the 2018 festival.

14th Mar 2018

Extreme Bionics: The Future of Human Ability

How can technology expand physical limits? This and more was covered in Extreme Bionics: The Future of Human Ability.

12th Mar 2018

Can Physical Retail Be Saved?

Five realities of 2018 that retailers need to face.

9th Mar 2018

The “How” Behind the Digital Strength Index

Our latest post explains how the Digital Strength Index was created.

8th Mar 2018

Inforum’s International Women’s Day Event: Are We There Yet?

Key takeaways from Inforum's International Women's Day Event.

4th Mar 2018

Storytelling, Machine Learning and Human Experiences

Just a few of the things we're looking forward to at SXSW.

23rd Feb 2018

It’s All About the Measurement

Our unique ability to measure ROI of AR/VR experiences lands us on Fast Company’s radar.

13th Feb 2018

What Happens When Three Giants Come Together to Fix Healthcare?

Check out the different takes on the big healthcare announcement:

2nd Feb 2018

Victory Fatigue + Brand Marketer Takeaways for the Big Game

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of emotional energy surrounding the big game this weekend.

29th Jan 2018

The Digital Strength Index Explained

In our latest blog series focusing on digital strength, we will break down the specific findings from our Digital Strength Index (DSI).

22nd Jan 2018

CES 2018 | A Future Still in Development

Check out our recap from CES 2018!

19th Jan 2018

Behind the Scenes:

As part of our partnership with the Heidelberg Project, we created an app that provides an interactive history and map of the installation.

16th Jan 2018

Iconic Detroit Outdoor Art Environment, The Heidlberg Project, Launches App

Created by Isobar, the app gives visitors an insider tour at Tyree Guyton’s work.

11th Jan 2018

Putting the Consumer Back in Consumer Electronics

Predictions for CES 2019 and lots of connected devices.

10th Jan 2018

CES Consumer Experience

This year at CES, maturity seems to be the talk of the town.

9th Jan 2018

Okay Google…Can You Ask Alexa to Turn off the Lights?

AI assistants battle it out to become our favorite.

5th Jan 2018

CES: The Tell-tale Sign That a New Year Has Commenced

Our on the ground team shares what they are most looking forward to at this year's show.

12th Nov 2017

A Call to Action for Girls Who Code: The 2017 Office-Wide Auction

For the second time, Isobar hosted an auction to raise money for Girls Who Code – but this time, we took it national.

8th Nov 2017

3% Conference Takeaways

Some of our favorite moments from the 3% conference.

7th Nov 2017

To the Women of the Evolution, We’re in This Together

A 3% conference first timer shares her experience from the highly anticipated event.

6th Nov 2017

Discomfort, Privilege and Unconscious Bias: Just a few highlights from The 3% Conference

Since the inception of the 3% Conference, the number of female creative directors has risen from 3% to 29%

2nd Nov 2017

Isobar Marketing Intelligence Launches MindSight Direct International

Our award-winning emotion testing technology which is now available in seven markets and will be available in 13 markets by year’s end.

1st Nov 2017

Big Eight Retail

For our first analysis of the retail industry Isobar and alpha-DNA evaluate eight of the largest retailers by revenue.

4th Oct 2017

We had it all covered at #AWNewYork

This year, we had two speakers representing Isobar covering two of the hottest industry topics: AI and emotion science.

2nd Oct 2017

Emotion AI Summit

Recently, Isobar was invited to participate in Affectiva’s Emotion AI Summit hosted at the MIT MediaLab.

29th Sep 2017

Facing the Data and Technology Transparency Problem

Another strong theme at this year’s AWNY revolved around addressing the technology transparency problem.

27th Sep 2017

Is it critical? Yes. Unequivocally, Yes.

The second day of Advertising Week had a lot of focus on diversity, inclusion, uniqueness and controversy.

27th Sep 2017

Is the usage of data in advertising delighting or deterring consumers?

The value of data, how it is used, and how it is obtained by companies is a hot topic at this year’s AWNY.

26th Sep 2017

The agency of the future, what does it really look like?

The evolving role of the advertising agency is a big theme at this year’s Advertising Week.

26th Sep 2017

Slash Culture: The Continued Rise of the Millennial Consumer

Lessons learned from #AWNewYork.

25th Sep 2017

Artificial Intelligence: The Reality, The Future, The Pros and The Cons

It only took a few hours at AWNY to recognize that AI is going to be the most talked about “buzz word."

19th Sep 2017

A Look Back on our Favorite Sessions from the Digital Summit Detroit

Our crew selected a slew of interesting sessions to attend.

18th Sep 2017

Virtual Reality: Measuring User Experiences, Justifying Investment

Coverage of our session at the Digital Summit Detroit.

15th Sep 2017

Isobar and Wyndham Worldwide Take Home WebAward

The winners of the 2017 WebAwards were announced and we were honored to be recognized for our work with Wyndham Worldwide.

8th Aug 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year again: PanelPicker Time.

It’s time to vote! We need your help to bring our best and brightest to the SXSW stage.

7th Aug 2017

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: The Re-Cap

A look back at the Boston Design Meetup.

26th Jul 2017

How to Turn Bad Ideas into Great Ones (or Lemons into Lemonade)

Highlights from the Boston Design Thinking Meetup.

19th Jul 2017

What We’ve Been Up To in the NowLab: From VR in the Sky to New Ventures with Lionsgate & Unity

Industry insiders from the media, entertainment, agency and software worlds converged to attend the VR in the Sky Conference.

5th Jul 2017

Carnegie Mellon School of Design Alumni Event

On Thursday, June 22 Isobar Boston hosted more than 40 alumni from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design at a reception […]

19th Jun 2017

Hackathon Explores the Future of Learning through Virtual Reality

The Isobar NowLab kicked off the summer with a VR Hackathon: Learn By Doing.

31st May 2017

Approach to Innovation // Isobar NowLab

Learn more about the IsobarNowlab.

23rd May 2017

General Motors Supplier of the Year

Dentsu Aegis Network received, GM Supplier of the Year during the annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony.

12th Apr 2017

Isobar Introduces MindSight Direct

MindSight® Direct is our latest product offering that combines the power of MindSight with the speed and efficiency clients are seeking.

11th Apr 2017

Fast, Simple, Flexible: Introducing MindSight® Direct

A revolutionary method for studying unconscious emotions.

10th Apr 2017

Uniting Art with Music : Isobar & CHIVR

Since 2015, Isobar has been building a robust capability in virtual, augmented and mixed reality design and development.

6th Apr 2017

Ladies First

At the latest CMO Breakfast Series presented by The Boston Ad Club, Keds CMO Emily Culp walked attendees through the latest campaign she’s spearheading.

23rd Mar 2017

SXSW 2017: The Year of Empathy

Our take on the 2017 SXSW Interactive Festival.

17th Mar 2017

Isobar Sponsors 2017 Adobe Summit

As a premier Adobe partner, we are proud to be a gold sponsor of the 2017 Adobe Summit.

16th Mar 2017

AI and Emotion Science

AI sessions were some of the most popular at SXSW this year.

16th Mar 2017

IxDA 2017

What inspired us from the IxDA’s Interaction ’17 conference? Read more to find out.

15th Mar 2017

Making Sound Decisions For Immersive Experiences

A look at SXSW sessions dedicated to the sense of hearing and audio innovation.

14th Mar 2017

Cozy with Cookies

How to kindly and respectfully connect the data dots.

14th Mar 2017

Fraying the Cord – the future of OTT

The SXSW cord cutting panel that caught our eye.

6th Mar 2017

Versions 2017

    Recently, Isobar sponsored VERSIONS, an annual conference on creative practice and virtual, augmented, and alternate realities. The conference spanned […]

23rd Feb 2017

Isobar at The Quirk’s Event West

Isobar to present new research and introduce MindSight® Express at The Quirk’s Event West.

13th Jan 2017

CES 2017: What You Need to Know

We kicked off the new year with CES and our team was on the ground to determine what has potential and what was all hype.

6th Jan 2017

Dentsu Aegis Network Tech Matrix 2017

Check out our 2017 Tech Matrix compiled by the Dentsu Aegis Network agencies.

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16th Aug 2016 Isobar NowLab Captures 360° Video of Volcanic Lava Flow

16th Aug 2016 Virtual Reality Without Limits

11th Aug 2016 Isobar paired with Startup, Slobbr, for 72-hour Brandathon in Boston

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14th Jun 2016 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016

7th Jun 2016 Student Outreach: Isobar Office Tour and Creative Sessions

12th Apr 2016 How Content Is Forcing Brands and Agencies to Pivot Towards the Future

30th Mar 2016 Isobar a Leader in Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Marketing Agencies for Second Year in a Row

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18th Mar 2016 The Realm of Robots

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10th Feb 2016 It’s a Dip Party!

25th Jan 2016 Missed CES this year? We’ve got you covered with a quick look at the tech and trends from this year’s show.

15th Jan 2016 #isobarchicagofacts

18th Dec 2015 The UX of DFS: How User Experience Determines the King of the Duel

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1st Dec 2015 Eyeselfie: An Interactive Experience

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21st Oct 2015 AWS re:Invent Insights

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2nd Oct 2015 Isobar Does Advertising Week New York

23rd Sep 2015 Isobar Takes the Stage at Advertising Week

3rd Sep 2015 Isobar Wins WebAwards

20th Aug 2015 Summer In The City

17th Aug 2015 Bring Isobar to Austin. Vote for SXSW Panels Now!

11th Aug 2015 Brandathon 2015: Bridging the Gap Between the Startup and Agency Worlds

28th May 2015 Isobar New York IoT “Connect For ___________” Hackathon

7th Apr 2015 Isobar Nominated for Webby Awards! Vote for People’s Voice Award.

12th Feb 2015 Isobar Chili Cook-Off

28th Jan 2015 Isobar Selected as SXSWi Innovation Awards Finalist

12th Nov 2014 Royal Caribbean Launches Quantum of the Seas

2nd Oct 2014 Isobar Takes Home OMMA and W3 Awards

30th Sep 2014 Boston Team Attends LEGO® Children’s Charity Golf Tournament

22nd Sep 2014 Isobar Honored with Adweek Project Isaac Award

15th Sep 2014 Isobar Honored With WebAwards

4th Sep 2014 Isobar Selected as OMMA Awards Finalists – Vote for the Members’ Choice Award

14th May 2014 Isobar Brings Service Design to MassArt

21st Mar 2014 S&P Dow Jones Indices Website Named Best Index Site of the Year

28th Feb 2014 Isobar and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Win Best User Experience Site

16th Jan 2014 How Tech Will Feel More Human in 2014

16th Jan 2014 Effective Techniques to Wrangle and Decode Design Feedback

20th Dec 2013 Roundarch Isobar is now Isobar. New name, same great team.

25th Sep 2013 Roundarch Isobar Storms NNG’s Usability Week

4th Sep 2013 UX Week 2013, The Top Ten Lessons Learned (This One Goes Up to 11!)

31st May 2011 Roundarch Attends Forrester’s IT Forum 2011

20th May 2011 Roundarch and The Analysis Exchange Help Non-Profits and Encourage Others to Get Involved

10th May 2011 Roundarch Continues to Top U.S. Digital Agencies List

4th May 2011 Play Ball with Roundarch and Bloomberg Sports Front Office 2011

2nd May 2011 Roundarch Senior Management Outlines the Value of Digital Marketing to Revolutionize B2B

28th Apr 2011 Roundarch Recognized by Computerworld as a 2011 Honors Laureate

18th Apr 2011 Redesigned Web Site, Designed and Developed by Roundarch, Helps Keep Crowley the Global Leader in Maritime Shipping

31st Mar 2011 Fox Business Interviews Geoff Cubitt, President of Roundarch, to Examine How ClubCorp and Roundarch are Reinventing the Country Club Experience

22nd Mar 2011 Roundarch Proudly Supports the 2011 Chartis Ski Challenge Benefitting the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project

15th Mar 2011 iAndroidCentral Reviews HBO App, Designed and Developed by Roundarch

14th Mar 2011 Bloomberg Targets Fantasy Baseball Fans with Mobile Tools, Designed and Developed by Roundarch

10th Mar 2011 Roundarch Understands the Complexities of Planning for Content Migration

7th Mar 2011 TechNewsDaily Features Front Office 2011, Designed and Developed by Roundarch

22nd Feb 2011 Juan Bonfante, Roundarch Developer, Explores What it Means to be Technology Agnostic

7th Feb 2011 Roundarch Developer Sarah Forst Profiled in RIA Rockstars

28th Jan 2011 Roundarch’s Multi-Platform Applications: Bloomberg Sports Case Study

4th Jan 2011 High School Grad Creates Top-10 Most Used Widget on AF Portal That Was Designed and Developed by Roundarch and Prime Contractor Lockheed Martin.

22nd Dec 2010 Roundarch Featured in the Wall Street Journal for New York Jets Touchscreen Command Center Project

13th Dec 2010 Chicago Developers Happy Hour with Kevin Hoyt

19th Oct 2010 Consumerization of the Enterprise Part 2: Getting Past Organizational Inhibitors

14th Oct 2010 Dave Meeker, Director of Emerging Media and Co-Director of Roundarch Labs, Discusses 5 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 Will Rock The World

14th Oct 2010 Roundarch Sponsors 360|Flex in DC – The Recap

14th Oct 2010 Bloomberg Sports Taps Roundarch to Bring Decision Maker to the iPhone

7th Oct 2010 The Innovators: A Look at Several Companies Developing Products and Services Poised to Become More Prominent Within the Sports Industry

6th Oct 2010 Vote for StrataLogica to Receive a People’s Choice Chicago Innovation Award

28th Sep 2010 Roundarch Donates to Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation

27th Sep 2010 Fox Business Explores How the Insights Gained From the New York Jets Command Center, Created by Roundarch, Can Impact the Fan Experience

27th Sep 2010 SD Times Explores the Technology Behind the New York Jets Command Center Created by Roundarch

24th Sep 2010 Bloomberg’s Decision Maker Fantasy Football App Featured in Sports Illustrated

23rd Sep 2010 Creating the OneRiot HTML5 Concept Application for the Launch of Microsoft’s IE9 – A Perspective

23rd Sep 2010 David Vanslette, Vice President at Roundarch, Describes How to Leverage Composite Applications to Drive a Merger Integration Strategy

23rd Sep 2010 The Technology Behind the Roundarch/OneRiot Web Application Designed to Feature IE9’s support of HTML5

22nd Sep 2010 Jeff Maling, President and Chief Experience Officer at Roundarch, Discusses Business Development Practices with Inc.

17th Sep 2010 As part of Microsoft’s IE9 launch event, Jeff Karova, Developer at Roundarch, Talks About the HTML 5 Web Application Roundarch Developed for OneRiot

17th Sep 2010 Bloomberg Activates NFL Partnership with Fantasy Football iPad App, Designed and Developed by Roundarch

15th Sep 2010 Roundarch Showcases the New York Jets Touchscreen Command Center During the 2010 Season Opener

15th Sep 2010 New Meadowlands Stadium Features Revolutionary Fan-Friendly Technology

15th Sep 2010 Decision Maker – Roundarch Develops a Fantasy Football iPad App that Harnesses the Power of Bloomberg’s Statistical Analystics

9th Sep 2010 Roundarch Sponsors 360|Flex in DC

8th Sep 2010 TechNewsDaily Outlines New Technologies the NFL is Using this Season, Including the New York Jets Touchscreen Command Center by Roundarch

3rd Sep 2010 Roundarch Builds Touchscreen Command Center for the New York Jets

12th Aug 2010 Geoff Cubitt, President and Chief Technology Officer of Roundarch, Describes the Forces Behind, and Against, Consumerization of the Enterprise

3rd Aug 2010 The New Technology Behind Kinect Opens Up Many Doors

19th Jul 2010 Roundarch Collaborates with Wilco

19th Jul 2010 Roundarch Collaborates with Wilco to Deliver Even More Features for the Successful iPhone Application

13th Jul 2010 Dave Meeker, Director of Emerging Media and Co-Director of Roundarch Labs, Discusses Microsoft’s Play in the Tablet Market.

6th Jul 2010 Jeff Maling, President and Chief Experience Officer of Roundarch, Describes Potentially Fatal Flaws in Personal Finance Management for American Banker

23rd Jun 2010 Roundarch Joins Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network

22nd Jun 2010 Technical Blog Entry – Get Fewer Warnings With Adobe Flex

16th Jun 2010 Roundarch Attends Google I/O

8th Jun 2010 Geoff Cubitt, President and Chief Technology Officer at Roundarch, on the Future of RIA and the Cloud

7th Jun 2010 Roundarch #21 on Crain’s Fast Fifty

27th May 2010 Jeff Maling, President and Chief Experience Officer of Roundarch, Outlines How to Harness the Power of Digital Money Management

27th May 2010 Jeff Maling, President and Chief Experience Officer of Roundarch, Explores the Value of Reaching Customers Through the Cloud

26th May 2010 Roundarch Sponsored Flash & the City Highlights

26th May 2010 Jeff Maling, President and Chief Experience Officer of Roundarch, Shares Eight Considerations for Large-Scale Site Redesigns

25th May 2010 U.S. Air Force Portal, Designed and Developed by Roundarch and Lockheed Martin, Brings Secure Social Media to More Than 800,000 Users Worldwide

24th May 2010 Designing for the iPad

20th May 2010 StrataLogica™: Creating Interactive Experiences with the Google Earth Plug-in

19th May 2010 Roundarch and Nystrom Transform Paper and Plastic into a 3D Interactive Experience

11th May 2010 Roundarch Sponsors Flash and the City

10th May 2010 Roundarch Featured in Vidya Drego’s Q&Agency Blog Series

7th May 2010 US Air Force Logistics Application Designed and Developed by Roundarch and Lockheed Martin Recognized for Excellence in Government

26th Apr 2010 Roundarch Remains One of the Top U.S. Digital Agencies

21st Apr 2010 Roundarch is Bringing Its World-Class Digital Solutions to Denver

20th Apr 2010 Nystrom and Roundarch Are Reinventing Classroom Geography with Google Earth API

19th Apr 2010 HTML5, the web of the future.

16th Apr 2010 Business Apps: Not Just Fun and Games

15th Apr 2010 Tablets: They Are Finally Ready to Shift the Face of Computing

13th Apr 2010 Persistence, Processing and Presentation in the Cloud Based Applications

12th Apr 2010 Why the iPad Will Redefine Our View of RIAs

8th Apr 2010 Thoughts on UX for the iPad

6th Apr 2010 GetItNext Partners with Roundarch to Develop a Dynamic Shipping Application for eBay

29th Mar 2010 SXSWi 2010 Overview

25th Mar 2010 In the Realm of Web 2.0, Context is King: Part One

20th Mar 2010 Notes from SXSWi: iPad – New Opportunities for Content Creators Panel

19th Mar 2010 Notes from SXSWi: Simple Steps to Great Web Design

18th Mar 2010 Microsoft MIX10 – Day 2 – Focus Group

16th Mar 2010 Microsoft MIX10 – Day 1 – Windows Phone 7 Series

8th Mar 2010 iPhone App Development Without Learning Objective-C

4th Mar 2010 Takeaways from SPARKt

4th Mar 2010 Flash Camp Chicago 2010

25th Feb 2010 Roundarch Technical Architect and Evangelist Adam Flater Presenting at Flash Camp

25th Feb 2010 Making Sense of foursquare

24th Feb 2010 Roundarch Developer Pek Pongpaet Presents at SPARKt

11th Feb 2010 Consumerization of the Enterprise Part 1: A Call To Action

4th Feb 2010 On the iPad as the Future

25th Jan 2010 Roundarch’s Avis iPhone App Featured in an Apple Spot

20th Jan 2010 Roundarch Developer Pek Pongpaet is a Nighttime Ninja

19th Jan 2010 User Expectation and the Pleasant Surprise

15th Dec 2009 The Rebirth of the Magazine

23rd Nov 2009 Thoughts on ChromeOS

19th Nov 2009 Examining the User Experience of Sky Harbor’s Visual Paging System

12th Nov 2009 Roundarch Develops Game Changing StrataLogica for Classrooms

6th Nov 2009 Dave Meeker, Director of Emerging Technology at Roundarch, Interviewed on The Digital Scene Show

6th Nov 2009 Why Marketers Should Embrace Cloud Computing

4th Nov 2009 Dave Meeker, Director of Emerging Technology at Roundarch, on The Flex Show

3rd Nov 2009 The Power of First to Market in the Digital Age: The Avis iPhone App

2nd Oct 2009 Roundarch and Tesla: Reinventing the Driving Experience

18th Sep 2009 Roundarch Takes the Field in the American Cancer Society's Second Annual Corporate Softball Invitational

8th Sep 2009 Iconography – Where Are We Headed?

26th Aug 2009 Roundarch Sponsors American Red Cross Mission: Red Event

25th Aug 2009 Drupal and TeamSite: A Look at Open-Source and Enterprise Content Management

5th Aug 2009 The Client Requests Flexibility But at the Cost of Data Integrity?

3rd Aug 2009 What’s the Big Deal with HTML5?

28th Jul 2009 Roundarch Develops Prototype Designed to Help Soldiers Collaborate to Defeat IEDs

24th Jul 2009 The Importance of Usability

14th Jul 2009 Google Technology User Group Chicago Kicks Off

14th Jul 2009 Google Technology User Group Chicago Kicks Off

6th Jul 2009 Apple has it’s Nikon…

1st Jul 2009 Roundarch Labs Develops Wilco (the iPhone App).

29th Jun 2009 Sean Moore Names Two People From Roundarch on His “10 Awesome Flex Developers You Should Follow” List

17th Jun 2009 Adobe User Group World Tour Comes to Roundarch

10th Jun 2009 Riapalooza 2 A Must for RIA Enthusiasts

1st Jun 2009 Conferences in the Digital Age

13th May 2009 Diving into Smart-Phones: Android 1.5 VS. Apple’s iPhone 3.0

12th May 2009 Party vs. Coding… Adventures at Flash In The Can, Toronto

6th May 2009 Get Ready to Rock at Chicago’s Riapalooza

5th May 2009 16 Years, what do you get? A Job at Roundarch! Welcome to Jory Cameron, Roundarch Labs Intern

4th May 2009 Roundarch and Avis Present at GearUp09 in New York City

29th Apr 2009 The Tesla Model S – Touch-Screen User Experience is Powered by Roundarch’s Merapi Project

27th Apr 2009 “RIAs beyond the mouse and keyboard” – RIAPalooza II – Chicago (May 8th, 2009)

24th Apr 2009 Roundarch Engagement Director Saurab Bhargava Red Couch Interview

21st Apr 2009 Introducing Roundarch Labs

21st Apr 2009 User Experience Institute at the STC Summit

29th Mar 2009 Roundarch Presents the Interactive Experience Award to Scott Guthrie at MIX09

24th Mar 2009 JAG Jeans Website Makes You Feel Like a Rockstar Photographer

20th Mar 2009 Creating Engagement with Web Magic Tricks

18th Mar 2009, Canary In A Mine or Beacon of Hope?

18th Mar 2009 SXSW 09 Session: Being a UX Team of One

18th Mar 2009 SXSW 09 Panel: Scaling Synchronous Web Applications

14th Mar 2009 SXSW 09 Session: Minority Report is Real

14th Mar 2009 Roundarch Booth at SXSW

11th Mar 2009 Example of Great Usability at Roundarch

9th Mar 2009 Roundarch Heads Down to SXSW

4th Mar 2009 Three Ways to Improve RFPs and Proposals

28th Feb 2009 Thoughts on Safari 4 Beta

10th Feb 2009 Roundarch President Speaks with Joshua-Michéle Ross of O’Reilly Media, Inc. About the Evolution of Search

5th Feb 2009 Roundarch to be a Silver Sponsor at FASTforward ’09

3rd Feb 2009 Roundarch Designs for and the Future of File Sharing

29th Jan 2009 Baking My Own Apple Pie

19th Dec 2008 Site Extensions: The natural evolution of Web 2.0

24th Nov 2008 Sears Utilizes Giving as an Indirect Driver of Sales

17th Nov 2008 Roundarch Participates in Chicago Installment of Microsoft’s PhizzPop Design Challenge

13th Nov 2008 Roundarch and Avis Speak at Interwoven Analyst Day

12th Nov 2008 Deciphering the Patterns: Learning From Over a Billion Years of Innovation

10th Nov 2008 Lessons for User Experience Consultants from Barack Obama

5th Nov 2008 Presenting at AdobeMAX 2008 in San Francisco

4th Nov 2008 UX Documentation 2.0: Designing the Rich Internet Experience

31st Oct 2008 Roundarch Chicago Hosts Chicago Geek Girls

22nd Oct 2008 Roundarch NYC Hosts IxDA Event

18th Oct 2008 I’ll be Speaking at AJAXWorld, “RIA 2010, Next-Generation User Experiences” – San Jose

15th Aug 2008 Rebirth of Keystone – Building a Reactive Logo

1st Jul 2008 RIAPalooza Recap – Thoughts and Photos

25th Jun 2008 Speaking Engagement: Usability Professionals’ Association

25th Jun 2008 Speaking Engagement: Usability Professionals’ Association

18th Jun 2008 Creating Great Interactive Experiences

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