Geoffrey Cook

Geoffrey Cook

Strategist | Isobar

I have a lifetime obsession with finding new and interesting ways we can spread messages, interact with our audiences and innovate in how we communicate.

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5th Jan 2021

The Benefit of Alternative Minds

There is a need for a conversation concerning what it’s like to work whilst being Autistic. By neglecting this discussion, we unknowingly end up harming ourselves as we maintain a baseline for what constitutes being ‘normal’. 

23rd Nov 2020

Game On! Why Video Games Point to the Future of Black Friday

Retailers need to provide novel ways for customers to shop digitally, and there’s no better teacher than the video game industry. 

31st Jul 2020

The Coronavirus Storefront: Should I go back?

After a customer has visited your storefront during the pandemic, will they come back?

21st Jul 2020

The Coronavirus Storefront: How to Buy

You want to buy something. But we’re in the midst of a pandemic, you need to keep far away from people. So what do you do? 

8th Jul 2020

The Coronavirus Storefront: Figuring Out What to Buy

COVID-19's impact on businesses goes beyond shutting their storefront doors; it changed the entire consumer journey.

9th Oct 2019

Recommended Content – A Calculated Way to Annoy, Irritate and Frustrate Your Users

How to Shift from Irritating to Helping Consumers

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