Dave Meeker

Dave Meeker

VP, Global Director of Emerging Technology | Isobar

Design / Business / Technology = Innovation. Creative art and hardware hacker kid turned professional disruptor. Curiosity is my most effective weapon. Never stop learning, always be listening.


Latest Posts

7th Mar 2019

The Present + Past of Fast Co’s Most Innovative Companies

A Chief Creative Officer + Chief Innovation Officer Take a Look at What Landing on Fast Co’s Most Innovative Companies Means to Them

18th Jan 2019

CES 2019

The Age of Intelligence, Autonomy and Augmented Humanity

3rd Oct 2018

A Partnership Decades in the Making

Dave Meeker discusses what the WIRED25 partnership means for him and Isobar.

23rd Jan 2017

Are you ready to augment your reality?

Insights from "AR in Action" at the MIT Forum.

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