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It’s official: Isobar is a leader! Research firm Gartner recently named Isobar a Leader in its 2021 “Magic Quadrant for Global Marketing Agencies,” which is the seventh consecutive time we’ve been named a leader. What does this mean for Isobar and our work? Let’s take a closer look through an interview with Brooke Ostendorf.

What is a Gartner Magic Quadrant, and what does it mean to be a leader?

The Gartner Magic Quadrant helps CMOs assess which global marketing agencies may be best suited to help them accelerate short- and long-term goals. To publish the Magic Quadrant, Gartner does an in-depth evaluation of agencies with their participation. 

Gartner thoroughly examines each agency’s core capabilities in areas such as marketing strategy, creative and content, and digital commerce and personalization, among many others. Then Gartner ranks them according to the completeness of their vision and ability to execute. Agencies are ranked in four quadrants: niche players, visionaries, challengers, and leaders. The leaders possess the strongest combination of vision and ability to execute on that vision through their capabilities. For the 2021 Magic Quadrant, Gartner ranked 16 global agencies. Isobar was ranked a Leader for the seventh consecutive year.

What did the report say?

Gartner cited Isobar’s strengths in:

  • Experience technology: both our technical and system integration capabilities and our application of emerging technologies.
  • Integrated commerce: our Total Commerce approach, which expands beyond the technical implementation of commerce to help clients develop capabilities in performance and media, creative, interactive, and data, and ops.
  • Content services: our Content Symphony solution, which helps clients with asset production, performance, and distribution.

Gartner also said, “Isobar helps clients drive brand and experience transformations by blending creative with technology.”

Tell us more?

Total Commerce is about designing for a world where shopping is always on. We create the deep data and systems integration needed to deliver an omnichannel experience combined with the creativity and innovation needed to develop commerce experiences that build brands and transform businesses. 

Our Content Symphony platform relies heavily on automation and AI frameworks to produce content at scale. It’s all about developing and distributing highly relevant content on demand through a creative supply chain. Content Symphony aggregates all content data under one technology ecosystem, making automated and optimized marketing a reality.

Experience technologies are the new creative toolkit enabling experiences that are distinctive, delightful and disarmingly human – ranging from voice to gesture-based interfaces.

What do all these capabilities have in common? Creating great customer experiences that transform businesses. 

This report suggests that global marketing agencies must remain responsive and flexible to changing client needs. How do you see the needs of businesses evolving?

The great ecommerce land grab of 2020 is quickly morphing into a widespread need for better customer experiences. The rise of the stay-at-home economy is real. As more people shift their purchasing habits online, they’re raising their expectations. Providing a friction-free path to purchase is no longer enough. Businesses need to stand apart by providing better digital experiences that build brand loyalty. Isobar’s recent survey of CMOs showed that executives are keenly interested in applying technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence to innovate with customer experience. And according to Adobe, more than 70 percent of companies with top-tier customer experience (CX) functions outpaced their sectors in the second half of 2020. Brands are responding in a number of ways such as:

Incorporating live commerce and virtual showrooms to infuse excitement and engagement into online purchasing. As we shared on The Squeeze, we recently built an extended reality showroom that brings the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV to life. The showroom gives in-market shoppers the opportunity to learn about key features and explore both the exterior and interior of the Bolt EV through an immersive full-screen experience. The showroom includes a full-screen 3D experience on desktop and mobile, featuring a 3D model of the Bolt EV. Shoppers can also walk around the exterior and view the interior of the All-Electric Bolt EV and customize the vehicle color.

Creating more personal experiences with first-party data. Google and Apple have been making sweeping changes that are pressuring marketers to put more focus on their first-party data. At the 2021 Adobe Summit, Adobe announced the industry’s first consumer data platform (CDP) built for first-party data. Our own relationship with Adobe puts us in an ideal position to help businesses activate known and unknown customer data to manage the entire customer profile and journey in one system, without the need for third-party cookies.

The message is clear: it’s time for brands to press the accelerator on customer experience.

How is the Isobar brand evolving as customer needs evolve?

We’ve always believed in helping businesses bridge the gap between the traditional brand world and the data-obsessed technology world. We help build brands and innovative experiences for a future connected by digital. We recently relaunched the Isobar brand with a commitment to this new focus. We’ve evolved our positioning and brand identity, with a focus on innovation and design to deliver creative experience solutions for brands. As part of this effort, we have introduced a new offering, Brand Identity & Systems. This offering brings together craft in brand identity expertise, paired with experience in building digital design systems. Isobar will be working with other design and identity specialists within dentsu as part of the offering to deliver the new Brand Design & Systems service. This new offering will help businesses connect their entire brand and CX more closely. 

As we discussed on our website when we relaunched our brand, we’re evolving, not changing, our positioning. We have a track record of disruptive creative, proved by award-winning work including Volkswagen Road Tales, Aeronaut, KFC Pocket Stores, Boss Touch & Go and Cadillac Live Store. As expressed with our “Invent, Make, Change” framework and tagline, we’re doubling down on innovation and design to deliver creative experience solutions for brands. The move comes in response to an acceleration of client digital transformation efforts, leading to an increased importance of distinctive and meaningful creative brand interfaces and experiences.

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