Get The Squeeze on Justin Earley

What is your role, title, and discipline? ACD, Copy at firstborn

How long have you been with Isobar/Firstborn? Almost 8 years

What is your favorite aspect of your job? Working with people who are way more talented than I am.

Take us through your WFH routine. Wake up and doomscroll through Twitter. Then I throw on the same sweatshirt and shorts that I’ve been wearing pretty much since it started to cool down (everyone chill, I wash them). Then my day is usually spent trying to avoid Zoom so I can get some work done. I also try to make sure I leave some time to go for a run and get outside of my apartment.

What was your most interesting job before you joined Isobar/Firstborn? I was a Little League umpire.

Most interesting fun fact about you? I am a diligent documenter of bar bathrooms on multiple continents.

What TV show are you currently binging? History Channel’s Vikings (huge nerd)

What’s your guilty pleasure? Listening to emo revival nonstop.

What is #1 on your bucket list? Right now? I’ll take flying pretty much anywhere. A better answer is getting back to London and getting back to watching the lads (Chelsea) in person.

Best quarantine activity, hobby, or skill you picked up? I’m trying to learn Italian.

Pizza or pasta? The right answer is obviously both.

Phone call or text? Neither

Instagram or Twitter? Twitter

Coffee or tea? I’m one of those people who never drinks either.

Netflix or Hulu? HBO Max

City or countryside? Countryside

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