Get The Squeeze on Cláudio De Souza

What is your role, title, and discipline? SVP Portfolio Lead

How long have you been with Isobar/Firstborn? 18 years and counting

What is your favorite aspect of your job? I love what I do, plain and simple. And on top of that, I love that there is always something new to learn.

Take us through your WFH routine. I tried to maintain the exact same routine (except for the fact I used to travel every week). I decided since day one that I will always have my camera ON in every meeting or call. I believe this is helping me feel more connected with my colleagues, even if their cameras are off.

What was your most interesting job before you joined Isobar/Firstborn? I used to work as a clerk at a video store, similar to Blockbuster, and I loved it. Movies are my passion. And I learned A LOT about people and their behavior.

Most interesting fun fact about you? I used to work at the University/Campus radio station. Mainly doing impressions of Brazilian celebrities (but I was not good at all)!

What TV show are you currently binging? The Undoing and The Queen’s Gambit

What’s your guilty pleasure? It used to be Brazilian telenovelas/soap operas. But today I’m spending too much time watching home improvement TV shows on HGTV.

What is #1 on your bucket list? Travel around the world with my daughter

Best quarantine activity, hobby, or skill you picked up? Playing guitar and helping my daughter with her homework. I’m learning math in a completely different way.

Summer or Winter? Summer

Coffee or tea? Guarana (Brazilian soda)

Phone call or text? Phone call

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird and Night Owl

Music or Podcasts? Podcasts

Instagram or Twitter? Facebook