ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation 2020 Award

The Isobar Federal team is thrilled to announce the nomination of Cloud One for the ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation 2020 award.

The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) is a non-profit organization seeking to improve government through the effective and innovative application of technology. ACT-IAC is a premiere private-public partner to the government and provides an objective, trusted, and ethical forum where government and industry executives can communicate, collaborate, and learn. Every year, hundreds of nominations are submitted to be recognized as one of the best innovations and innovators in improving services to citizens and government operations. This year, Isobar has the honor to be 1 of 40 finalists. 

Cloud One has been a labor of love for the past 3 years for many on the Federal team. Now, it is  the leading DoD provider of state-of-the-art cloud computing platforms, technologies, approaches, and solutions. Our  vision and toil has not only brought the US Air Force into the future, but positioned USAF to CREATE the future. With the encouragement and support at the highest levels of the Air Force, Cloud One has set the stage and is scaling to meet the needs for higher classified systems and requirements, and disaggregated IT systems and groups across the federal space.

Development pipelines that were painfully slow are now leveraging Cloud One to supercharge their ability to meet the Air Force’s needs and focus on what’s important. We’re talking months to deploy now down to days, even hours.  

Anyone familiar with the issuance of an Authority to Operate in the federal space will know the agonizing speed of the accreditation process. Cloud One’s security inheritance is easing the burden to meet controls and fast-tracking the process. There are now over 50 fully ATOed applications and systems in Cloud One, with over 70 in mid-migration, and poised to take on thousands more.

Of course, the millions in cost savings are quite nice too.