The Full View: Insights and Innovation to Inform the Customer Journey

On Wednesday April 29th Isobar’s Elliot Savitzky will talk insights and innovation to inform the customer journey at TMRE’s Digital Week.  Head over to TMRE Digital week and select TMRE Day 3: Outcome-Driven Insights Practices & Future Growth – Part 1 to register.

A customer journey is the complete experience a customer has with an organization.  It encompasses all customer interactions across all channels, devices and touchpoints throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle – from awareness to loyalty.

Companies use a wide range of channels to communicate with their customers, but often fail to connect each activity with the customer journey. Sales and marketing strategies become isolated from one another, which can lead to a disconnected customer experience.

Understanding the journey our customers take in search of a product or service to address a need can be an overwhelming task. The customer journey is not a linear one, as consumers face a barrage of information at various touch points in their journey.

At Isobar, we view the customer journey from many dimensions and as a result, use a multitude of techniques and approaches to understand the many paths to purchase.  We strongly believe that no one technique will provide the input you need to understand the journey. Rather a complex journey requires a 360-degree approach at understanding the thought process, decision trees and ultimate choices that consumers make to solve their needs, whether they are based on rational logic or non-conscious emotions.

Our approach traces the process from “need identification” through purchase and advocacy using a multidimensional set of methodologies.  Those methodologies have included social listening, search optimization, online qualitative research, mobile geo-tracking in-store shopping visits, in-home ethnography and shopper and patient surveys to provide that 30,000-foot view of the consumer.  Our tailored insights help our clients to optimize ways to disrupt the process to affect positive change and to work with their channel partners to create successful solutions for merchandizing, shelf displays, beacon brands, promotions and advertising.