Alleviating “Brand Distance”

On Thursday April 9th, our Marketing Intelligence team announced the launch of a special version of our MindSight Emotional Intelligence tool to provide insight into the emotional motivations driving changes in behaviors during the COVID-19 crisis. For those unfamiliar, we created MindSight to access the emotional brain and transcend consumers’ unwillingness or inability to articulate feelings in traditional (rationally based) survey research. Uncovering the “push and pull” of emotional forces that drive category usage, brand loyalty and product trial, our suite of proprietary MindSight tools enables us to understand the magnitude as well as the nature of consumers’ emotional motivations to create better experiences and content to reach them.

In these uncertain and ever-changing times, we’ve found that many brands are struggling to find a clear way forward. What we’re seeing is that consumers aren’t just practicing social distancing – they’re practicing brand distancing – putting purchases on hold or changing their engagement altogether. Our goal is to help brands react in real time via ongoing pulse checks of gaps between brand and category expectations. The weekly three-step process provides insight into evolving consumer emotional needs to drive forward action plans that can be put into effect immediately. First, we program and field each wave of MindSight, capturing results quickly. Then, our specialized team analyzes the data and develops key emotional insights and recommendations. Finally, we setup a virtual meeting to workshop customized action plans based on our findings.

If this is relevant to you, please reach out and we are more than happy to discuss in more detail. You can also view our webinar here.

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