CES 2020 Day 3 recap

We began by visiting the winner of CES’s innovation award, Valerann. The smart road company has developed sensors that are capable of monitoring road conditions and traffic in real time. The IoT network can track individual vehicles, identify accidents and evaluate their severity before alerting emergency teams. During CES, Valerann announced that they are expanding their trials, growing their presence in Madrid and coming to Tel Aviv. 

Earlier this week we had said that we would be testing out Haptx haptic VR gloves. After getting our fingers measured and being strapped into the gloves, we began to experience the three technologies that make these gloves as incredible as they sound. First, the user’s fingers are tracked perfectly, no matter how subtle the movement. The second technology, tension bands, gives the user the sensation of gripping objects when they grasp anything in the virtual world, from virtual steering wheels to fly swatters. And lastly, the gloves simulate the sensation of touch. Small bubbles embedded on the inside of the glove can give the sensation of raindrops as you pass your hand under a rain cloud, or feeling as your hand brushes against stalks of wheat.

The company intends to use this technology for a wide variety of professional uses, including industrial training, product testing, and educating medical students. Haptx is also developing a set of robotic arms that utilize the same tactile technology. The intention for the arms is to allow professionals to work in extreme environments, like the deepest depths of the ocean or the void of space, without ever being in harm’s way.

Before heading out, we dropped by Groove X to see their robotic companion, an empathetic little robot named Lovet. The empathetic droid, which can recognize family members, would waddle up to anyone who stopped to take a photo, waiting to be picked up. The bot’s touch sensors can tell when someone hugs, pets or cradles it, stowing its wheels as it snuggles into the user. A nice way to finish the day. 

It’s fascinating to see different approaches in how sensors can enhance technology. Whether that’s by making roads smarter, virtual reality more tactile or robots cuddlier the utilization of sensors is continuing to grow the capabilities of emerging tech.