CES 2020 preview: The expectations and excitement

Our team is on-the-ground for CES 2020 and are looking forward to connecting with all of our friends and colleagues across Dentsu Aegis Network while we’re here. Over the next week, we’ll be spreading out to cover as much of the show as possible, to share our take on the technology, trends and exciting developments we encounter. 

As a preview, here’s what we’re expecting will be at the forefront of conversation and what we’re looking forward to checking out:

Artificial Intelligence

At CES 2020, we will get a peek into the next generation of consumer-facing AI, watching it transform from simple household tasks, to driving our cars and greeting guests. At this year’s CES, Samsung will show off project NEON, an AI assistant that features CGI avatars that look eerily human, complete with facial expressions and vocal tones that are simulated in real-time to help guide company or event guests. 

Meanwhile, the majority of CES will focus on how AI will integrate further into our daily lives. Entertainment devices, from new microLED TV’s to the latest generation of smart speakers, will utilize AI optimization, making any piece of media tailor-made to the unique needs and tastes of the viewer. Automotive brands will demonstrate how smart assistants will soon be able to start your car, check its diagnostics, and eventually take the wheel. Ultimately, the future-magic of the show will be seeing AI integrating and optimizing into our lives seamlessly.

Reality Check

We’re looking forward to seeing the future of VR and AR. Following the holiday success of the Oculus Quest, and the slow – but improving market for VR – it will be interesting to see who else, other than Facebook, is betting on VR, and what they’re betting on. While Apple’s AR glasses are rumored to be delayed until 2023, the advances in mobile AR, web AR and HUD’s like the Hololens 2 and MagicLeap have brought AR to the attention of consumers and the enterprise.

Internet of Things

From the bathroom mirror to the barbeque grill, we’ll be exploring the latest in devices that are making smart homes smarter and self-driving cars.

Screen Tests

From foldable phones to roll-up monitors and giant TV’s we’ll be checking out the latest in display technology that is changing the way people live, shop, drive and communicate.

Mind Control

Something keeps telling us to check out Next-Mind https://www.next-mind.com/. Winner of a CES 2020 Innovation award, NextMind is a brain interface that allows the user to control devices telepathically. We’re hoping to get our hands on one while we’re here!

Stay tuned to @IsobarUS for updates and real-time coverage from the show.