Happy Holidays from Isobar!

For the past few years, Isobar has sent out similar gifts to our beloved clients. Fancy chocolates, beautiful locally pressed cards, and sometimes small tokens when it made sense conceptually. We were happy to give but wondered if we could do something more impactful this year. A card could help raise awareness, but we thought…how could we best serve our clients? 

Enter Sam Willey, our Art Director, who shared something we all related to, “You know how I would help someone through the holidays? I’d help them get out of them.” We laughed but it struck a chord. How many times have we felt anxiety or dread trying to get through the holiday and all of the well-intended bullshit? We had our idea! 

We would provide a seemingly endless list of excuses for our clients to use to help get them out of their seemingly endless list of holiday events and find a way to support people having a tough time during the holiday season.

Our Creative Director, Liz Stevison, suggested a single-serving site full of Isobar employee crowd-sourced excuses. Within a week we had more than we could ever need from our hilariously creative Isobarians.

Brian Gield edited countless Holiday Excuse submissions while Sam Willey, Liz Stevison, Claire Mirisola, AJ Kolb, Creon Crenonopoulos, Misty Bell Stiers, Damien Girardi, and Alex Baru designed and built the site.

We wanted to cut our past costs by sending out a stunningly-designed holiday postcard, and donate our remaining budget (and then some) to a charity, but which one? They are all worthy but we wanted to shine a light on mental health because of the added stress and anxiety experienced during the holidays. Our Lead Copywriter, Claire Mirisola, came to us with the perfect charity, Crisis Text Line, a 24/7 text line available for anyone in crisis. The Crisis Text Line uses data science and technology to make every interaction faster and more accurate, but every text is viewed by a human counselor to make the experience as helpful and personal as possible.

It was perfectly aligned with our values. At Isobar, we create transformative experiences that put people first for our clients and that is exactly what the Crisis Text Line does by having transformative text conversations with individuals every day. 

This year, we were able to give something that can’t fit in a box or an envelope to our clients. We’re incredibly grateful for this collaboration across our entire company to gift our clients with perfect excuses to avoid holiday stress and provide hundreds of people the resources they need during stressful times.

Holiday stress comes in many forms from anxiety to depression to loneliness. The Crisis Text Line is available to help anytime for any crisis. If you need someone to talk to, please text HOME to 741741.

Visit isobarholidayexcuses.com to discover numerous playful excuses written by your friends at Isobar.