An Optimistic View of Technology

Isobar is honored to return to WIRED25 as the Digital Experience Agency this November in San Francisco. Last year’s event was a celebration of WIRED’s 25th Anniversary and was capped by the WIRED Summit – a who’s who of the tech industry that reminded us of how important and influential WIRED has been.

One thing that really stuck with us from our conversations last year with WIRED Co-Founders Louis Rosetto and Janet Metcalfe, was their eternal optimism around the good of technology and how that optimism had been a really important factor in the success and longevity of WIRED.

Leading up to this year’s event, WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson  penned an article titled, “It’s Time to Push Tech Forward and Rebuild What It Broke” that serves as a reminder of WIRED’s optimism.  The editors also shared, WIRED25: Stories of People Who Are Racing to Save Us which points to some of the people WIRED have identified as the changemakers and thought leaders who will shape the conversation at this year’s event and beyond.

From privacy to politics to climate change and food, WIRED shines a light on the people who are working to cure cancer, protect your privacy, feed the world and hopefully even save it. We’re looking forward to a couple of days of optimism this November at WIRED25.

As the Digital Experience Agency of choice for WIRED25, we had the opportunity to create the Get WIRED app in time for the 25th anniversary.  And, in the spirit of pushing technology forward, this year, we’re adding new features to the app. These include simple things like search and favorites, as well as bigger features such as adding access to WIRED’s podcasts and adding our first experiment to the experiments section of the app.  

Experiments is where we get to explore interesting ideas or concepts.  And, the best part, is that we get to include the Get WIRED user as well.  If you’d like to take part in the first experiment check out the Get WIRED app available on both iOS and Android.

We look forward to our continued relationship with WIRED and in the development of future features and experiments in the Get WIRED app.