How the New DTC Can Inspire CX Innovation

DTC is disrupting the way consumers shop. With this tremendous shift in the marketplace, consumers expect more from the brands they love. The new mandate is simple: “Stop marketing to me. Start mattering to me.” 

CX can be the answer to this clarion call. As Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Mastercard, says, “Extraordinary starts with experience.” 

Here are some key learnings from a remarkable conversation between leaders from Dentsu Aegis Network, Glossier and Rent the Runway during New York Advertising Week.


“For me, as a leader,…I look at every single piece of app feedback that we get… It’s a really big leading indicator for me if things are going right or wrong…I’ve got a pulse on what she’s really saying.” – Maureen Sullivan, COO of Rent the Runway.

Listening isn’t just key to customer care. It can fuel creativity and drive innovation. From the Rent the Runway’s inception, the brand has used reviews as a place to listen to their customers. By gathering data from authentic, unfiltered reviews, they can invest in better inventory for their customers and provide fashion partners with customer insights to inspire designs and styles for the next season.


Ali Weiss, SVP Marketing at Glossier, shared that, “We live in an age where the voices of the customers are so much louder than the voice of the brand could ever be.” It’s absolutely true. “94 percent of our customers have come to us organically,” said Maureen Sullivan.

The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth, but that can only come through an authentic connection with the brand. That’s why it’s never been more critical to invest in a brand’s community through experiences. According to Nick Brien, CEO North America of Denstu Aegis Network, “79% of people say experiences are as important as products and services.”


Consumer expectations are higher than ever, but making it feel magical is just as important as delivering a seamless experience. Maureen Sullivan said, “I feel like the expectations for brands has never been higher. Even when we’re not in control, it has to be insanely convenient and it has to be magical.”

By leveraging creativity and data, we can give customers the engaging, immersive and personalized experiences that they’re looking for and create moments for brand engagement that drives sales. It all starts with creative briefs that demand innovation and creativity.