What Are You Really Loyal To?

What really makes you loyal to a brand?  Do you really know? Do you even know what it means to be loyal?  Google exec Alicia Cahill took the stage at DMWF to help the audience understand what it truly means and how you can convert your mobile app users into brand loyalists. 

To start, Google surveyed 5000 people to get to the bottom of it all. This unveiled a few misconceptions.  For instance, brand loyalists aren’t brand exclusive – they are still cross-shopping 73% of the time. 71% of app brand loyalists use both mobile and web, so you need to create a seamless experience across both.  Lastly, more than 57% of brand loyals are not enrolled in rewards programs.

Out of the audience surveyed, they found 45% of people are brand casual, 9% are loyal transactional, 27% are loyal fans and 19% are actually brand loyal.  Alicia broke down the different types of users and how you can look to convert your ‘brand casual’ mobile app base into each of the other three areas.  

First up, loyal fans.  Loyal fans are not interacting with the app to make purchases and they are not always checking it.  However, they do get a community feeling from the app and you’re able to interact with friends. How do you convert the casuals to become fans? It’s all about pushing your story and your messaging through video or traditional media – you want to make them aware of the breadth of the app offerings.  Indicators that someone is moving from brand casual to a fan include sharing personal information and sharing outwardly.

Next up, the transactional users.  These folks are strictly using the app for transactional information, repeating the same action again and again.  They don’t feel a connection to the brand but just use it because of the utility aspect it provides. To move someone from casual to transactional a brand needs to illustrate the user experience and the seamlessness of the functions.  Once again, a great way to do this is through video. They need to prove why their app stands out.

Last up, the coveted brand loyal.  Brand loyalists will use the app even if it’s a bit pricier and, in addition, they are advocates for the brand.  They are interacting with the app often and transacting. To convert to brand loyal you should encompass both strategies from the transactional and fans.  You really need to make sure you’re measuring the full value of mobile – increasing awareness of benefits, community, increasing and promoting transaction use (through promos or diverse products).

Thanks to Alicia and Google for a great session!