Growing A Culture of Innovation

Innovation is much more than a buzz word at this point.  It’s almost impossible to have any kind of conversation at work that doesn’t involve it, to be honest.  But what does it really take to grow a culture of innovation? It’s more than just putting it in your mission, preaching it to your clients and slapping it on your website.  It comes from within. On September 11th, our CEO Deb Boyda, will take the stage with three other digital leaders to discuss what it takes to foster and grow a culture of innovation.  

Hear from Lynnette Montgomery, Senior Manager, Digital Experience, Cisco, Lauren Castellanos, Executive Director of Global Architecture, Shiseido’s Digital Center of Excellence and Jami Crist, Global Sports Marketing Senior Manager at Under Armour about the steps that they have taken, how their respective organizations set themselves apart and what you can do to move toward a more innovative culture.

What are companies doing to make sure they’re more innovative?  How do they make sure they’re not just being innovative for the sake of innovation and really working to change people’s lives? What are some actionable next steps you can take to make your culture more innovative?  

It’s not easy, it takes time and it takes commitment.  Innovation may be an imperative but that doesn’t mean that the majority of companies aren’t struggling to make it a reality.  These four female leaders know and have what it takes.  

Check out more details on the event here and some specific events on the session here:

Session Track:  Data & Disruptive Tech

Date + Time: Wednesday September 11th @ 4:40 PM

Location: Brooklyn Expo Center

Title: Growing a culture of Innovation within Digital 

Session Description/Abstract: 

  • Understand how global companies transformed into innovation-led businesses
  • Why your “Employees” are the most critical factor for a successful digital transformation
  • Understand how management can foster a culture of experimentation
  • Creating a culture in which risk-taking is acceptable 

In addition to our session on Wednesday, we’ll also be in the Expo Hall both days with a number of AR and VR demos from the Isobar Group. 

Be sure to stop by, say hello and try out our Adidas, Aeronaut, Jagermeister, Royal Caribbean and Pizza Hut demos.

Hope to see you there! 



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