A Look Back On My Time as an Optmization Intern

Working as an Optimization Intern has been an absolutely incredible experience, especially getting to work alongside Mathieu Sussman, Olena Nadtochiy, and the rest of the analytics team. The full analytics team have been incredibly busy with the Enterprise Project and Matt and Olena specifically had taken on the extra assignment of a summer intern and provided me with an unbelievable learning experience.

With the help of these two incredible people, I have learned more than I anticipated in a summer internship. When I first started, I didn’t have much background knowledge directly relating to analytics but with their help, I was able to learn a vast range of topics within analytics. During this internship alone, I have learned Adobe Analytics, Adobe Report Builder, Adobe DTM, Adobe Mobile, Localytics, and ObservePoint.

The culture at Isobar was also absolutely incredible.  Throughout the summer I had a couple of people sit down to teach me about relevant topics going on within the data analytics industry and the importance/benefits of the tool Jira. People went out of their busy schedules to help me become better informed and make me feel welcomed here at Isobar.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such amazing people each and every day. This internship has given me the chance to explore the data analytics profession and is something I’m excited to continue exploring heading into my senior year and Indiana University. When I first began my internship search for this summer, I wanted to find a company that would provide me to enhance my knowledge and took pride in their company culture and after 13 weeks at Isobar, I can say Isobar was everything I was looking for. As my time comes to end at Isobar this summer, I will be forever grateful for this unimaginable opportunity and for all the individuals that truly made my experience unforgettable.