The Intern’s Voice

My uncertainty about moving to Chicago for the summer quickly turned into excitement within one short week of being surrounded by the Isobar team. From the moment I stepped foot in the office, I was never labeled “The Intern.” I never made coffee runs and I was never burdened with the busy work. Instead, I was part of a team. Two actually: Marketing and Business Development.

Jumping right into the fire, I joined the preparations for Salesforce Connections. It only took three days and a look behind the curtain for my surface-level understanding of the industry to disappear. I was taught how to efficiently position our digital agency for success at a large-scale industry event. From creating new relationships with other conference attendees, to nurturing new leads by creating email content to keep the conversations going following the event, I got a real feel for what it was like to be a part of Isobar at an industry event.

Along with the conference opportunities, I also had my daily tasks of creating content for our multiple social media accounts, tracking our competitors in the news, and preparing for my final summer presentations. During my second month, I spent the majority of my days setting up and taking calls with multiple event coordinators with the goal of preparing recommendations for each of Isobar’s portfolio leads.

Because a large portion of my time here included reaching out to leads and business contacts through email, it seemed only appropriate that I took a hard look at email best practices. Having the opportunity to share my insights and learnings with the team was one of the many aspects that made me feel like more than just an intern. This was my chance to teach and everyone at Isobar genuinely wanted to learn.

The most unexpected part of my whole experience was finding out that I always had a voice. I was invited to sit in on any conversation and given a chance to share my honest opinion. Knowing you have a voice builds confidence. Mine personally grew quickly from all the invaluable skills gained throughout my short two months here. But, most importantly, I now have greater confidence in the career path I have chosen. My passion for this industry has grown more than I could have ever expected and I look forward to a future of taking on the digital world we now live.

Those sometimes-tedious email notifications and the small, underappreciated details on the website I may or may not be currently shopping on now, have a new place in my heart. My appreciation for the hard work and passionate individuals behind them has given me motivation to take my summer experience to new heights. I am so very grateful to the welcoming and spunky group that made this summer the best yet.