Isobar identified as one of the ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Market Research Companies’

The GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report surveys almost 4,000 research professionals from every major industry across the world and features brand rankings of suppliers and buyers perceived to be most innovative.

Isobar Marketing Intelligence has specifically been recognized in the Top 50 for Strategic Consultancies and Emerging Players. This news comes on the heels of Gartner naming Isobar a Leader for the fifth consecutive time in its “Magic Quadrant for Global Marketing Agencies”.

Some innovation highlights over the past year include:

MindSight® Direct “Qual”

Since launching the “DIY” version of our emotion science technique, MindSight Direct, Isobar has expanded its reach and enhanced its capabilities. Until recently, MindSight Direct was used strictly in quantitative studies. The qualitative platform allows researchers and moderators to achieve a deeper level of emotional insight in half the time during focus groups and 1:1s. By deploying the tool and accessing key motivational domain results in real-time, moderators can provide visual context and engage in rich discussion to get to the nuances of underlying motivations with representative targets in less time.

Isobar has also expanded MindSight Direct to several new global markets providing globally validated images sets specific to markets for each study, an “in language” respondent experience and the ability to purchase quality/cost-effective market specific samples.

Biometrics and Mindsight

We integrate MindSight with our biometric capabilities to gain additional emotional insights. These methods involve capturing synchronized, moment-to-moment psychophysiological metrics across multiple expressive channels to create a comprehensive picture of how a branded experience or marketing communication affects the emotional brain. This, in turn, provides guidance for fine-tuning communications to optimize their emotional impact.

More information on our approach to innovation.


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