Transformation is Always a Human Story

Creating a commerce experience that takes five disparate brands and brings them together in a way that is not only seamless, but also improves and adds value to the consumer experience, is no easy task. Luckily, we had Salesforce and a team of creative and innovative thinkers on our side to make it happen.

Ricardo Salema took the stage to discuss our ongoing work with Zwilling to transform the four hundred year old brand in an effort to bring them into the digital world.

To kick things off, Ricardo let the audience in on a little secret: We believe transformation is always a human story. Not some times. Not most of the time. All the time.

Transformation is a topic we spend a lot of time thinking about. As we always say, it’s our mission to transform business, brand and people’s lives with the creative use of digital. And that is exactly what we did with Zwilling.

Workshops, design sessions and continual reviews enabled the Isobar team to not only elevate the work they were doing, but also to get closer to Zwilling itself (not just the team on the receiving end of emails). Zwilling as a family of products, as a business and, most critically, as a brand.

So, what’s Zwilling’s “Secret Sauce” and why was it so important that we uncover it? Ricardo explained…

Through the team’s work they came to understand that there is something quite special about Zwilling. They have premium brands, perfect products and passionate employees. This trifecta created the foundation our work was built upon.

The work we did allowed Zwilling to get closer to their consumers by injecting the essence of their brand into every aspect of the customer experience: online, in-store and everywhere in-between.

Now that we have the foundation, how did we elevate the experience to match the trifecta that Zwilling embodied?

First up, championing the craft. There was a story to be told about their products. It revolves around the craft, care and heritage that goes into every one of them. And, while that’s an important aspect, it only goes so far.

Next up, weaving the products into a larger narrative. We had to tell their story in new ways. Ricardo explains how it was essential that we weave a narrative that touched upon elements of their customers’ lives, bringing moments of inspiration closer to the moment of transaction.

Lastly, we needed to make them invisible yet accessible at a moment’s notice. Because Ricardo and the team now put the power in the consumer’s hands, we next needed to be sure that Zwilling was where they were – always. They found a way to make sure they were ready to communicate the specific “inspiration” or “transaction” moment wherever they might be and wherever they may want it.

“When everything we just talked about comes together in concert that makes for the foundation of a great Zwilling experience,” Ricardo noted.

Don’t just believe us at our word…take a look for yourself:

And, with that, we’re on our way to our next session!