It All Started With a Bit of Improv…

Day one did not disappoint and we’re already well into day two of one of our biggest events of the year. This Keynote kicked off with a performance from world-known improv troop, Second City, to share their take on “connections,” and of course poking a little fun along the way. But, that was only the beginning…

Salesforce CMO, Stephanie Buscemi took the stage to walk the audience through Salesforce’s journey to where we are now and share a look ahead to the future…oh, and announce a few things, of course.

Salesforce has been helping brands connect with consumers in more meaningful and effective ways by sticking to their core values – never wavering and never neglecting them when making big and small decisions, alike. The values are:

Customer Success

As a Salesforce Premium Platinum Partner, it helps that our values echo the sentiments of all of the above. Stephanie walked the audience through each value and, when it came to equality, she noted the importance, stating that, “now more than ever businesses need to stand up and take a position and Salesforce always has on the advancement of equality of every single human being.”

*Praise Hands Emoji*

But, moving on…

Salesforce highlighted their key Trailblazers at different companies across the country that are leveraging Salesforce’s tools to truly make a difference for their brand, including Conagra, e.l.f. and State Farm. From there, Salesforce execs talked through actual examples of how these brands are using Marketing and Commerce Cloud to grow their businesses in an authentic way.

One of the bigger announcements of the morning was that they are bringing full-blown customer data platform into the world’s #1 CRM. And, as Dana Chery, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce put it, “The best way to show your customers you’re listening to them is to put them on a personalized journey.” Which, of course, can only be done with tons of consumer data.

e.l.f. was able to grow their business by implementing Einstein technology into their bot and AI facial recognition app that can make personalized suggestions and recommendations based on your eye shape, skin tone and lip color.

Conagra was able to use Lightening Workflow technology to contact “abandoned cart” users for all of those times you forget to finish your checkout…

All in all, Salesforce Marketing and Commerce Cloud solutions have upped the game for thousands of brands across the world (our clients included) and we’re very eager to start leveraging the new intelligent technologies!