Quick Service Restaurants are feeling the impacts of limited growth as they continue to be squeezed by competition beyond the natural competitors within their segment. They are being attacked from above by Fast Casual Restaurants who are pulling customers from QSR and driving growth within the segment. From below, convenience stores are pushing up and taking QSR market share as they expand their offerings from pre-packaged goods into fresh food. This two pronged attack is putting significant pressure on Quick Service Restaurants across all segments of the QSR business and has led to a focus on growing market share through expanded geography plays, new customer segments (e.g., Catering), menu innovation, convenience and customer experience. In this report, we review the Digital Strength of 35 companies across six sub-segments of QSR.


Key Findings

  • The Pizza category dominates all other QSR categories in Website and Search related metrics, highlighting the success of their online ordering and tracking features.
  • Jimmy John’s, with it’s Freaky Fast delivery model, has a stand out score in Digital Share, positioning them well for revenue growth.
  • McDonald’s continues to dominate the Burger category and show strong positive Momentum.
  • Popeye’s saw a boost in Digital Momentum as a result of the recent twitter fueled “chicken sandwich wars.” However, Chick-fil-a remains the brand to beat.


Share of digital in sandwich category

Jimmy John’s is clearly leading in our measure of Share. With their Digital Share more than double their Revenue Share, they are very well positioned for continued future growth and to take share away from Subway. Download our report to find out what’s driving their success.

Transforming for the customer

The Quick Service Restaurant sector is experiencing a rapid transformation driven by customers that are demanding more channels for ordering and delivery, healthier and varied meal options, and rewards for their loyalty. Find out who is leading the industry in our latest DSI report.