Elevating Experiences With Insights & Creativity

As Salesforce Connections approaches, we decided to take a long hard look at what really differentiates our work. Connections will be chock full of agencies and consultancies claiming to create unique, engaging and even never-been-done-before solutions with Salesforce. Is this true? Sometimes…maybe. But, realistically, we know there are a few things that have enabled Isobar + DEG, Linked by Isobar, to break away from the pack (and the results speak for themselves).

We believe insights inform better solutions: When we were approached by TivityHealth to raise awareness and increase membership for SilverSneakers, the nation’s largest community fitness program designed specifically for older adults, we knew we were up for the challenge. Isobar was tasked with increasing consumer awareness of a wellness benefit provided to members by a number of medicare plans; positively influence member behavior to increase first time gym visits and subsequent return visits; demonstrate return on digital media spend in justification of the client’s marketing strategy; in addition to a number of other things…

We started with one of our strategic differentiators…a capability that allows us to offer brands something other agencies cannot: MindSight. As a refresher, MindSight is our proprietary emotion measurement tool that allows us to access a consumer’s true emotional reaction, thus enabling insight and understanding into their motivators.

After collecting proprietary insights on the target consumer, these insights informed a more precise strategy and leveraged aspects of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to bring the experience together.

Isobar’s strategy guided Tivity towards an omnichannel experience designed to increase member acquisition, engagement with the SilverSneakers brand and ultimately gym visits (which drive ROI and the Tivity economic model). Implementation and execution included creative development, website design, CMS development, Salesforce DMP implementation, media buying and coordination of advertising and marketing tactics.

Prior to the above executions, Isobar performed evaluations of the client’s martech stack, developed scorecards for the purpose of communicating outcomes and made recommendations based upon final scorecards. Isobar was also responsible for all measurement of digital outcomes and coordinating offline conversion reporting with the client’s business analytics team – attributing member gym visits to the various media and marketing activities.

And, as we said, the results speak for themselves:

    18% reduction on post-health issue churn rate
    84% improvement in lead quality – measured as eligibility check conversion rate against same period, YOY
    60% reduction in cost per acquisition through media segmentation which eliminated media waste and guided overall experience

We believe in Creativity-inspired transformation: As one of the world’s oldest and most adored brands, Zwilling recognized the need for a full-scale digital transformation to unify its different brands and innovative products in a cohesive and customer experience driven way – allowing their customers to experience how Zwilling products will enhance their culinary experiences with friends and family.

The team knew we were going to leverage the Salesforce platform to make this happen — but we needed to combine the power of Salesforce with a high-caliber, engaging creative experience that represented all that the Zwilling brand stands for.

In order to integrate the brand and commerce experience into one compelling story, we used Zwilling’s rich history to inspire our creative output. We wanted to weave a narrative that touches upon elements of Zwilling’s customers’ lives, bringing together moments of inspiration closer to the moment of transaction.

The new site allows consumers to easily explore different products, recipes and brands, seamlessly moving between brands. Best in class creative gives users the chance to get up close and personal with the items they are looking to buy and explore ways that they can use these products once they are in the home. It’s a beautiful, sleek design that highlights exactly what Zwilling represents: history and excellence.

Using multiple Salesforce cloud solutions, Isobar led the experience design, creative, implementation and optimization of the new .com site for a global rollout across 16 countries and 22 languages. The final outcome is a true integrated multi-cloud solution with Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud that has positioned Zwilling with an award-winning digital experience for their customers.

And, once again, the results are impressive:

    Increase in Revenue of 52%
    Strong mobile adoption with mobile users up 34.9% and mobile conversion doubled versus prior year
    Average order size increased by 14%

As a Global Salesforce Platinum Partner, Isobar + DEG, Linked by Isobar, are leading the charge by combining the power of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform with insight and creative-driven experiences to help power our mutual customers and mature their digital capabilities to industry-leading benchmarks. If you are looking to elevate your game, and interested in learning how Isobar can help, please contact Peter Giersch.