That was the chant that erupted from the crowd of Detroit marketers and advertisers when Charlie Metzger, EVP, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer for the Detroit Pistons went up to receive his honoree award at the 2019 Detroit Adweek Brand Stars event.

This celebratory event, held at the newly opened Shinola hotel in the heart of downtown Detroit, highlighted 25 of those businesses and people that are redefining the new era of this iconic city and showcasing their talent and passion for this resilient and resurging town.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Isobar Detroit team that attended this event and support the trailblazing efforts that we’ve been driving for our partner, and Detroit neighbor, General Motors since 2012.

Looking around at these skilled innovators and storytellers with the backdrop of an ever-growing and changing skyline – that we call home for most of our day – there was a feeling of camaraderie, excitement and pure grit that we are all part of something different.

As the city and automotive industry evolve, we’re evolving as well – making our mark in the revitalization of this city, pushing the creative envelope day in and day out to continue to deliver fresh and innovative ideas that drive our client’s key business goals.

I can tell you one thing for sure ¬– it’s an exciting time to be in the Motor City.

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