We won!

We recently attended the MediaPost, Appy Awards in NYC, where one of our favorite projects, the Alamo Rent A Car App, was chosen as the WINNER for the Travel and Tourism category.

When an app you’ve worked on for so many months wins an award, it’s hard to not go down memory lane and see just how far the project has come.

At a surface level, the Alamo Rent A Car App provides a seamless customer experience making it easy to rent a car. It has a logical user flow, giving drivers the flexibility to book on the go, when the time is right for them.

So, what makes a rental car app so special that it deserves an award?

When you peel back the layers, you’ll find great design and tech decisions that make the Alamo App stand out amongst its competition.

From a design perspective, we were able to create a brand new blueprint for the digital expression of the Alamo brand. This creative exploration allowed us to represent their fun, family brand in a modern and sleek way—setting the stage for the reimagining of other Alamo products to come.

Technically, the app saw a 20% reduction in build time, powered by React Native. By leveraging a previously created React architecture that we had built for the National web platform, we gained considerable velocity and were able to effectively share our resources.

Within one year, the Isobar team worked through strategy, experience and creative design, development and testing—all culminating with a full roll out in the US and Canada.

Even though there were a few challenges, like having a team split between Porto Alegre, Chicago and Boston and a short project timeline, we were able to create a fun product that lets users make new memories—all while having a fun time designing it.