Register Now! TMRE Digital Week

We’re excited to be participating in TMRE Digital Week 2019, where you can enjoy the greatest week of educational content on the web covering the latest trends and research techniques all from the comfort of your office or home. The action kicks off on April 30th with a theme of Data Science & Marketing Analytics where I’ll be talking about using traditional segmentation to inform database segment personalization strategies.

In the context of recent client examples I’ll share how brand marketers can empower the ideation, design and execution of powerful segment-based personalization strategies by connecting database segments to deeper customer understanding (including traditional market segmentation).

In this session, you will:

  • Learn two approaches to get at the “why?” and the real opportunities within segments and categories – including overlaying traditional segmentation with behavioral constructs.
  • Get the tools to inform big data strategies, allowing you to create database derived segments to act against.
  • Hear three case studies where we integrated behavioral big data, survey data and motivational data to provide a “single view of the customer,” and how it has allowed them to identify and engage with their most passionate customers across channels.

Register here and we’ll see you April 30th, 1:00PM/EST.

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