Gartner Digital IQ Index

Last month, Gartner released their Digital IQ Index findings in the Watches and Jewelry category. It’s great to dig into this content to determine what can be gleaned for, not only our current clients within the vertical, but also ones outside of it. We recognize that consumers are having digital experience expectations set by brands such as Amazon and Sephora, so how can you help your brand meet those expectations in the digital space? Let’s take a look at some key takeaways and learnings from the report to find out.

  1. Elevate and distribute non-brand specific educational content. When it comes to search, queries for terms like, “how to choose a diamond” see a massive volume return. To help capture consumers in this top funnel research phase, invest in ads to meet them there and bolster your SEO by creating complementary content on your website. To further round this out, think about the larger digital footprint. Specifically, you may want to develop educational content in other formats for other channels and then layer on paid media (such as display). This can result in a big lift for your brand.
  1. Partner with influencers. Another way to impact non-brand educational content is by tapping into influencers – they can help reach new customers in different ways, such as through longer form videos. By diversifying content strategies with the use of influencers, you can gain credibility and authenticity to maximize engagement within networks.  
  1. Use digital to support the offline purchase. For consumers wanting to try products on in person, implementing geolocation features across digital touchpoints can help. This can range from mobile site-optimized store locators/to book-an-appointment modules feature, to adjusting Instagram ads to show the closest store in a carousel rather than driving back to dot com.
  1. Adopt Instagram Stories. Looking to connect with younger consumers? Social media is one of the first digital touchpoints for researching brands*. Right now, Instagram is pulling ahead of Facebook and YouTube as the main audience interaction network. Those that have tapped into Instagram Stories, specifically, are seeing their strategies aid in reach, engagement and even conversion. While some features are newer, it’s interesting to see the rise of adoption rates.
  1. Don’t forget the basics. This point especially applies to lower funnel activities where disruptors are focused on being more transparent, delivering better service, and streamlining the process. So, offering and optimizing customer service features such as live chat to help customers during the check-out process has a major impact. In the jewelry and watch category, it’s especially noticeable if a disruptor, such as a reseller, offers this feature, but a luxe brand does not.

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