Best in Show

When we heard the news that Isobar had been named 2018 Automotive Agency of the Year (Digital), the first word that came to mind was P-R-O-U-D. Just like that, in capital letters!

Any recognition is enough to make you happy, but this one brought a different taste, a different feeling–the best in the industry. Wow.

Working in this industry (and focusing on consumers’ second largest purchase) for more than two decades, we’ve seen a lot of change. To help shape what’s next in digital experiences, including transforming the future of transportation, is a unique undertaking and one that we love tackling.

At Isobar, our entire agency pursues constant innovation; we’re always trying to reinvent what tomorrow will mean. So, when we have the good fortune to work with clients such as General Motors, who challenge us  to give our best every single day, it is the perfect equation.

Yes, we’ve done pioneering work.  For instance, the Buick Director Mix campaign, where we generated dynamic targeted contextual messaging with pre-roll video as well as a guided conversation for GM Certified Pre-Owned; and, more recently, a 3D Showroom for Silverado.

But our “regular” work is equally important. On a daily basis, we create a tremendous amounts of great digital display content for Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick, supporting 57 nameplates, varying from high-impact homepage takeovers, to native units that blend into the look and feel of our endemic partners’ sites.  The testing and performance optimizations that our team conducts on a regular basis drive the business forward.

So, we’ll take just a moment to bask in this recognition and then it’s back to work. After all, this award doesn’t mean we’ve reached the summit. We see plenty more opportunities for innovation, including our in-progress work on Alexa Skills/Google Home actions and Maven app interfaces.

We’re also hoping to expand our work of data-driven dynamic creative, leveraging consumer data insights to create personalized ad executions in order to boost performance and maximize a brand’s return on investment.  We will continue to bring more intelligence, efficiency, automation and scale to GM.

As one of our walls in the office says, “When we think we have all the answers, it’s time to change the questions.”

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