It’s Time to Un-Tip the Scales Once and For All

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is Balance for Better.  This is of course up for interpretation and our team took a minute to share what IWD and Balance for Better means to them.


“We can all be inspired by balancing aerial artists relentless pursuit of their craft. While wobbles happen, they’re constantly assessing the current situation and both proactively and reactively adjusting course while building upon positive muscle memory for the future.”  Jenessa Carder

“As of 2018, Only 12% of Creative Directors were Female. We need to do better.” Liz Stevison

“This is bigger than sweeping moments or giant gestures – it comes down to the every day, and we’re all in the everyday together. That’s how and where equality happens.” Misty Bell Stiers

“To find balance we need to avoid the ‘sea of sameness.’ We need to work people with people who don’t look like we do. We need to brainstorm with people who don’t think like we do. We need to embrace the clash of cultures to find a balanced truth.” Steph Wulz

“Gender equality isn’t a ‘nice to have,’ it’s essential for business and humanity. Join us and do your part to create a #balanceforbetter.” Chris Hogue

“Bring on the balance! Balance brings perspective and perspective brings new and better ideas which are the fuel for innovation and progress.” Tim Haarman

“#BalanceForBetter means enabling female potential for the betterment of all genders. In our industry, balanced voices on innovation, creative and technology teams creates experiences that solve problems, delight and changes lives. Let’s celebrate the achievements of women on International Women’s Day and strive for gender balance in the world all year long.” Jennifer Villany

“Like likes like is old thinking” Deb Boyda

“Sameness is the enemy of creativity. Tension, balance, conflict, resolution — these creative forces come alive among unlike people, where minds are challenged and changed. A culture without difference is plain yogurt.” Matthew Jensen

“By supporting and celebrating women, we are making a clearer path for future generations. We believe in your ingenuity, strength, value and ability to make an impact!” Anne Keane

“We shouldn’t settle for anything less than achieving balance at work, and in our personal life.  It’s ours to create.”Victoria Gehrig

“Balance is necessary for a better tomorrow.” Ashli Eigenrauch

“To me, #BalanceForBetter is a responsibility to my girls.  To ensure they know they can be anything they choose and that their ideas and contributions matter.  To encourage their interest in STEM. To set a positive example for them through my work and everyday actions.” Tonya Bakritzes