Isobar Good: Where We’re Headed

Our Isobar Good teams get together in each office to give back in ways that are meaningful to the employees – be it through a local initiative, national foundation or personal cause.  CSR is of utmost importance to our company and it’s critical that our employees have an output for their personal passion to give back.

Last year, we went out with a bang, wrapping things up with the Children’s Place Annual Holiday Giving Drive in Chicago, using funds raised from their Fall Bar Cart and Bake Sale to purchase all of the items ‘our’ family wished for.  

As our teams set their agendas for 2019, here’s a quick look at what each of our office leads has planned for an excellent year of Isobar Good.

Julie Cohen | Boston

We are really excited about Isobar Good this year. Our 2019 kick off meeting resulted in some great ideas that we’re already getting started on. Employees really enjoyed the events we hosted in our office in 2018, including our Pride Happy Hour, the Women’s Community Auction and a very successful holiday toy and clothing drive for Hildebrand! This year, we’re planning to bring back those things, but add on some new things as well.  Here’s a look at what we have in the planning pipeline:

  • Green Month: For the month surrounding Earth Day, our office will work to be more environmentally friendly
  • Food Donations to Local Homeless Shelter: the shelter serves the homeless population near our office
  • Isobar 5K: participants will donate a small fee and all of the proceeds benefit a local charity of our choosing.

I am looking forward to implementing these ideas and am hoping for even more participation and volunteers.  Doing good in our community makes everyone feel great, so the more the merrier!

Kate Trombley | New York

I’m grateful to be part of the Isobar Good team, as well as to work for a company that sees the importance of corporate social responsibility. Creating a better tomorrow starts with us, so it’s essential for companies to see normalcy in promoting the common good. Giving back to the community doesn’t always mean measures of money and large donations; being able to give your time and service speaks volumes– anyone can get involved. In 2019, our office looks forward to helping with efforts that extend beyond NYC, such as The Color Run and Cards for Kidz.  That said, we also will look to make an impact within our very own neighborhood by volunteering for local soup kitchens and helping with NY Cares

Kalpana Ravulapati | Chicago

In 2018 the Chicago office saw great success with Isobar Good.  The team came out in droves for our 5K Run against Gun Violence, office Friday Bar Carts, our off-site volunteer day cooking and serving lunch to the homeless men and the Women’s Community Auction!  Because we saw such high involvement with those activities, we’ll be sure to bring those back, but we’re also looking to up the ante this year. Here’s a look at a few things we have coming:

  • College Mentorship: Work with high potential low-income high school students to help them get accepted to leading universities.
  • Local Food Donation: Providing food to those in need in the Chicago area is something the full team is passionate about.

Dina Sorser | Detroit

In 2019, the Detroit office is excited to work with several amazing local organizations to help with causes near and dear to our city’s heart. Among many smaller charity events throughout the year, there are two specific volunteer opportunities that our team partakes in annually. August will mark the fifth year of our work with Summer in the City, an inspirational organization that helps to improve and beautify Detroit. Our team will spend the day painting a mural on a building in Detroit and helping the organization set up for their end-of-summer celebration. We will also work with Volunteers of America to Adopt a Family in Detroit for the holidays. We will donate items on the family’s wish list and deliver a trunk full of presents for the holidays. Our team is passionate about helping the community and we are honored to take part in these initiatives each year.

Check back on our culture page to keep up to date on all the Isobar Good activities throughout the year!