Paving the Way for Isobar’s Future

For as long as I can remember, our annual holiday party has been a time to reflect on the successes of the past year and celebrate the achievements of our people through our long-standing tradition of the Core Value Awards.  Our core values are a critical part of our culture. They define the attributes we seek to convey to our clients, partners and with each other, in all that we do. They make Isobar, well, Isobar.

Earlier in my career at Isobar, I had the honor of winning an award or two, and I remember feeling surprised and humbled by the recognition from my peers.  A quick look back at the Core Value Winner archives brings back many fond memories and foreshadows the path of those that continue to lead Isobar and represent the qualities we hold so dear.

This year we move into a new chapter for Isobar.  One of reinvention – where we will realize our vision of being an experience-led transformation company.  Of collaboration – where we celebrate diversity of thought across our teams and work even more closely with our partners and clients.   And of growth – so that we can provide even more new and exciting opportunities for our people.

While we move into this new stage, ready to celebrate the changes it will bring, we remain firmly rooted and committed to doing so in a way that retains the core values that make us unique and special.  As such we present this year’s core value winners with a refreshed design and copy, but rooted in our legacy spirit and tradition. I am unbelievably proud of all the winners below and look forward to their next chapter of successes at Isobar!


Boston – Jake Silva
Chicago – Jennifer Stoll
Detroit – Cassandra Dykla
NYC – Tony Owens


Boston – Jenessa Carder
Chicago – Sam Willey
Detroit – Allan Cozart
NYC – Brandon Vandegrift


Boston – Laura Larmon, Samantha Shaker
Chicago – Brittany Davidson
Detroit – Dina Sorser
NYC – Stephanie Oran  


Boston – Nok Arrenu
Chicago – Andrew Peacock
Detroit – Kyle Curtis
NYC – Damien Girardi


Boston – Robert Goeldner
Chicago – Jason Griebeler
Detroit – Phillip Gross
NYC – Brian Gield