Get The Squeeze on Liz Stevison

What is your role, title and discipline? ACD, Creative

What office do you sit in? Chicago

Who do you sit next to? Jerry Benson, an amazing up and coming designer but Steph Wulz and I scream over him all day. Poor guy is stuck in between two very talkative and excitable folks.

How long have you been with Isobar? 3 years this winter!

Did you have any interesting jobs or a different career before this? Oh yeah. Lifeguard, Kid’s PJ designer, Candy and Toy Product & Package Designer, freelance illustrator and then Razorfish for like 8 years.

What is your favorite aspect of your job? Why? I love designing. I love every aspect of it. I love following trends and constantly trying to predict what’s next. I love dissecting pop culture and being allowed to dive into and consume it without being considered vapid. I love picking apart bad work and being inspired by great work. I love nerding out with other passionate designers and fighting over what is “good.” It’s so subjective and when you’re passionate it’s so fun to act like there is a right and wrong answer and try to debate “the truth.”

Share an elevator pitch of your day-to-day.

For work….

  1. Shameful amounts of black ice tea
  2. Greet the creative team with: the craziest thing I saw last night/why I hate the blue line/ or the current political climate.
  3. Check-in and see what we’re all working on, if anyone needs help or has some free time, and answer a quick daily pop culture question. Today’s was from Holly Calvert inspired by last night’s SpaceX landing: “Where would you travel to in space?”
  4. Check Slack, knock out a few responses and then ultimately work on the revisions from said conversations.
  5. Find the perfect Giphy to respond to a question from Ricardo Salema.
  6. The caffeine is helping the anxiety kick-in now so I mentally spend way too much time wondering if I crossed a line with him.
  7. In my best Rhi-Rhi voice: Work work work work work.
  8. YYYAAAASSSS Lunch. Totally gonna get a salad. (narrator: “she did not get a salad” )
  9. Talk pop culture for a few with whoever is free while the caffeine winds down.
  10. Get my grind on. Full-on imposter syndrome kicks in and I feel like I suck at designing, at mismanaging, at writing or concepting.
  11. Ask someone else to take a look before I smash my mouse.
  12. They like it!!!!! And share some great ideas to improve on it. Well that one idea was dumb, but the rest of the feedback was awesome.
  13. Go home a little emotionally drained but excited to do it all again.

What do you do to prepare you for your day? Wake up with a toddler, two cats and a husband taking up the entire bed and I love and hate them all for it.

What media do you most consume and why? Bravo TV because Andy Cohen is a genius and My Panda landing page for daily inspiration.

What is your biggest distraction at work? Pop culture with Steph Wulz, Shoes with Britt Davidson and a quick little cry over politics with Holly Calvert.

What is one thing your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you? If they know me, nothing shocks them. Maybe that I used to have a motorcycle or that I actually get shy sometimes.

What is one thing you wish you had more time to do? I would do anything to get a full 8 hours or uninterrupted sleep.

Where is the one place you most want to travel? I need to see the Northern Lights next.

What is the one thing you would take to a deserted island? I’d want to be surrounded by people I love but I know the rules and you want me to name an object so… Fresh Water, duh!

Are you from Chicago? Where did you grow up? In Springfield, Ohio with a corn field in my backyard and a Strawberry field next door.

What would be the movie title of your life? So what if you have a hunch back honey, put some glitter on it and OWN it.

Ketchup or Mustard? Mustard, don’t be dumb.

Pizza: Thin crust or deep dish? Thin!

Coffee or tea? Tea.

VR or AR? Analog.

Pancakes or waffles? Tacos.

Beer or wine? Whiskey.

Cake or Pie? Pie.

City or suburb? City.

Beach vacation or mountain resort? Beach.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

Hot or cold? Hot.

East coast or west coast? Fashion and art: East. People and lifestyle: West.

GMA or Today Show? GMA.

Sweet or salty? Salty.