It’s Time for the Big Show

With CES (somewhat) in our rearview, it’s time to look forward to the biggest retail event of the year: The NRF Big Show & EXPO.

As always, we’re excited to see what will come of the event and which trends will emerge, but, this year, we’re even more eager since we have a couple of sessions taking place:

  • SESSION: Amplifying the Zwilling Brand Values Through Experiential Commerce and Achieving Double-Digit Lift in the Process
  • SPEAKER: Ricardo Salema, VP, ECD Isobar 
  • DATE/TIME: Sunday, January 13th @ 11:30
  • LOCATION: Salesforce Booth #3719


  • SESSION:Getting Social: Extending Service Cloud for Social Customer Care
  • DATE/TIME:Sunday, January 13th @ 1:30
  • LOCATION: Salesforce Booth #3719


  • SESSION: Chuck E. Cheese’s Secret to Loyalty: Email Relevance and More Cheese
  • SPEAKER: Jenn Horner, Senior Relationship Marketing Strategist, DEG, Linked by Isobar
  • DATE/TIME: Sunday, January 13th @ 3:30
  • LOCATION: Salesforce Booth #3719

In addition to checking out our sessions, find out what our on-the-ground team is most excited about:

Peter Giersch | Vice President, Channel Partners

NRF is an action-packed event that signals the kick off the New Year and I expect nothing less this year.   There are several things in particular that I’m looking forward to at the 2019 event. First, we have a strong technology partner presence at the event, with players such as Adobe, Salesforce, Sitecore, SAP, etc., so I’m eager to see how they plan to attack the event this year.  The show is a great venue to connect with key partner leaderships teams and their solutions are critical components to the client experience solutions that we are deliver. Therefore, understanding how they are innovating in the retail segment is of utmost importance. It’s also always fun to explore the massive expo hall to find out how other firms are out there looking to disrupt and transform the retail experience.  This exploration, combined with some of the speaking sessions, is a great way to be exposed to stories and evolving solutions that are impacting our clients. Finally, I am very excited to see Isobar’s own Ricardo Salema share the story around our collaboration with Zwilling to help deliver a next generation omnichannel CRM-driven customer experience powered by Salesforce. This story is a perfect example of what the NRF Big Show Conference is all about – sharing ideas and solutions that are transforming retail.  So, please join us at the Salesforce Partner Theater on Sunday January 13th at 11:30 am to hear more!

Javier Frank | Director of Technology and Commerce

Retail is at a crossroads driven by the cultural changes that created the new Digital Consumer mindset. As an industry, 2018 was a great year for retailers who are catching up with the new digital expectations. 2019 is therefore a pivotal year to learn whether this inflection is long-lived or not. From our perspective, this requires doubling down on experience-led transformation.

This conference is where we usually start to see how the year is going to shape up by talking to clients and listening intently for themes and concerns. I’m looking forward to gain as much insights, specifically about the problems, fears and uncertainties our clients sense for 2019 so we can help them better navigate this historical period of the industry.

Shawn Mishra | SVP, Global Managing Partner, Isobar Commerce

2019 is expected to be a pivotal year for Retail and CPG companies. And, at this year’s NRF conference, it will be exciting to hear and learn from businesses and partners on many fronts.  With Amazon’s retail dominance peaking, how are retailers fighting back? As online grocery enters mainstream, how is it changing retail? How are businesses working to put Customer and Experience at the center of everything they do? Who will be the disruptors and innovators in the industry? And, of course, I’m also looking forward to catching up with customers, partners and colleagues.

Ricardo Salema | Executive Creative Director, VP

Retail is not dead, it’s just changing and changing dramatically. As brands double down on the experiential side of their business, there is tremendous room and opportunity for innovation and creativity. This is as true in digital as in a store’s physical presence. The key to making that happen is by clearly understanding and articulating a brand’s fundamentals in ways that point the way forward. Brands today — whether they are retail or not — are not just what they say, but what they do and even how they do it. This is central to how we work and I’m excited to share how we made that happen for our client, Zwilling.

Well, it seems all that’s left to say is, see you there!