Annual Women’s Community Charity Auction

Each year, Isobar’s Women Community hosts an auction to benefit a charity of the team’s selection.  This year, the charity of choice was Girls Who Code – an organization that is near and dear to our employees and one we work closely with throughout the year.

Our Detroit, Boston, New York and Chicago offices each held their own auctions, enabling us to raise more than $12,000!  

Here’s a quick look at some highlights from each of the offices:

New York

Another year of lively bidding from the New York office brought in nearly $2200.  As per usual, the auction shines a light on the many talents of our team (outside of work).  Some items donated, included:

  • Original photos from Francisco Rivera
  • Two bottles of floral waters from Iliana Radneva
  • Hanging wire sculptures created by Emily Hom at Firstborn
  • Two dozen homemade macaroons from Jessica Franklin (who took classes in Paris!)


Of course, it’s always exciting to raise money for charity, but it’s also fun to learn a bit more about our co-workers.  That said, some of the items that garnered the most excitement weren’t homemade or crafted items. The two paintings from our old office brought in the most money, ending up in a total of $580.  And, to close out the show, when we had no items left to auction, James Lazar, Navneet Virk and David Bresnahan stepped up and started auctioning off themselves (well, not exactly). Lunch and dinner with each of the execs caused quite the competition and allowed us to raise even more money for the cause.

A fun time, sponsored by Murray’s Cheese and Boxed Wine, was had by all in NYC.


The Boston office had a lively auction complete with snacks, drinks, and an array of items. The orator Bob Goldner kept things interesting by encouraging people to up their bids on each item. Employees in the Boston office bid on items ranging from fresh eggs from an employee’s farm, to a weekend in an airbnb in Nashville, TN. The highest selling item was a set of hand-made miniature wooden pots, that went for $200. In total, the office raised $1,805 for the organization


With a theme of “Gratitude,”  the Chicago office gathered to eat pizza, drink wine, and give back. We were excited to once again have Project Manager, Josh Berling, as our auctioneer. With decades of experience auctioneering at gaming conventions, Josh brought boundless enthusiasm and a professional touch to the role.

Hand-poured crystal candles, a carved maple jewelry box, and a futuristic linocut print, were just a few of the amazing works of art contributed by Isobarians. Services like a weekend of dog-sitting, custom cocktail creation by a licensed mixologist, and a professional make-up tutorial were offered as well. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Dave Meeker, donated a drawing of New York’s Fearless Girl statue created using a mechanical robot arm.

The bidding came to a head when the final item was presented: a maple, end grain cutting board hand-crafted by Anne Demey, a Lead Interactive Developer. After an intense bidding war, this coveted piece reached a final sale price of $750!

The Chicago office was thrilled to have a total of $5,647 raised.  The feeling of community present everyday in the Chicago office was at an all time high.


The Detroit office enjoyed great success, with our DAN desk neighbors stopping by to help raise a grand totalof $2,456! Some of the most sought-after items included prints of original artwork and a handmade holiday wreath. The highlight of the day may have been when a Raggedy Andy doll started a heated and hilarious bidding war between two determined individuals, finally selling for over $100.

Thanks again to all who participated!  Until next time…