TedXDetroit: A Look at Local Innovation

The Massonic Temple provided a beautiful and historical venue for a lively TEDxDetroit conference. Luckily, a handful of Isobar Detroit team members had the opportunity to attend the conference and experience a day complete with speeches from the area’s leading artists, creators and entrepreneurs. If there is one message to take away from TEDxDetroit this year, it’s this: Entrepreneurship is not only alive and well, but thriving.

“Cardi B Yourself. Give yourself permission to enter into any space with no consequence.” This message was delivered with veracity by Mahogany Jones, a Recording Artist, Arts Educator, US Music Ambassador and one of the day’s most memorable speakers. She captured the attitude of the city by describing how she became a self-made success with inspiration from her role models, such as Cardi B, and with the hustle-harder Detroit attitude.

The day brought other inspiring speeches, as well, from a host of local talented men and women who are working hard to achieve their goals. We heard from Alina Morse, an eighth-grader who founded her own multi-million dollar candy company, Zollipops, and was the youngest person to ever be featured on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. Then there was Shawn Lee, who has dedicated his career to helping young artists thrive in Detroit and pursue their talent with enthusiasm. When Felicia Bowers took the stage, there wasn’t one dry eye in the room.  She demonstrated how digital technology has helped her to overcome her Cerebral Palsy by allowing her to literally create drawings using a camera that tracks her eye movements.

TEDxDetroit landed on the heels of our Annual Company meeting, where we discussed goals and objectives for the coming year and the “grit” it will take to get there. We know what we want to aspire to be, how to get there and, most importantly, that we have the talent to do it. TedX is awe-inspiring in that it makes people want to work. Get up out of their seats and do, make, create, write, think, whatever it takes to make dreams happen. With our extra added dose of Detroit Hustles Harder attitude, our Isobar Detroit team is inspired and fired up like never before to achieve greatness. This is our time to rise and be great and allow others to follow our lead; Isobar’s lead.