How to Hone Your Marketing Strategy to Resonate on a Global Scale

At this point, Digital technology has infiltrated all of our lives, bringing people closer together than ever before.  But, what does that mean for marketers?  It’s time to get global with your marketing strategies – which is, of course, much easier said than done.  Isobar VP, Jen Zimnowski, shares advice on how you can ensure your marketing strategy will resonate on a global scale.  From user flows to operation processes, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Globalization is not a new phenomenon. Some argue that Genghis Khan and the Mongols are responsible for international influence and trade. Others believe the World Wars economically drew the globe together. Whether you think expansion started in the 13th century or the 20th, one thing is certain: Digital technology is bringing the world a lot closer together, a whole lot quicker.

Communication, the flow of knowledge and innovation and commerce are all examples of where we’re seeing the impacts of digital globalization. Global shoppers spent nearly $1.5 trillion on consumer goods in 2017. With numbers like these, it’s clear why brands are jumping into the global retail game. And it’s not just the biggies (McDonald’s, Adidas, Walmart) who have stretched their international legs for years. Mid-size and smaller organizations see the advantage and financial opportunity and are taking steps to build a bridge across the seas.

Check out the full piece, originally published in Adweek.