Digital Strength Index Consumer Staples Report

Despite the recent decline in overall disposable income and economic disruption, Consumer Staples remains one of the largest industries, consistently growing over the past five years. Up until recently the majority of category trends were shaped by the large, traditional brands we all know. But, the industry is shifting and smaller players are the ones disrupting the market, primarily through digital prowess. In fact, consumer staples showed growth last year even with 90 of the top 100 brands losing market share. So, what’s the secret “digital sauce”? Is brand loyalty as we know it dead? Download our report to find out.

Key Findings

  • YoY revenue performance of the Consumer Staples companies we reviewed had an average revenue of $8B in Q2 2018 with a 3.3% growth rate.
  • In the Consumer Staples category, identified digital leaders outperformed digital laggards by 8.7%.
  • The increasing purchasing power of digital natives as primary household shoppers is creating a more urgent need for digital sophistication within Consumer Staples.
  • Industry mergers and acquisitions are providing industry behemoths the ability to incorporate D2C experiences into their portfolio.


Experiences that connect with customers

While its true that smaller companies are stealing market share from larger CPGs, the brands who are winning are the players who are listening to their customers. Find out who is leading the CPG industry in our latest DSI report.


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