Corporate Researchers Conference

Kimberli Murphy, Vice President

At this year’s Corporate Researcher’s Conference (CRC) much of the content focused on the importance of emotions and their impact on behaviors. In fact, Isobar reinforced this theme by presenting a case study that demonstrates how leveraging emotional insights led to improved conversion and ROI for Tivity Health’s Silversneakers fitness program.

Another overarching theme was putting the consumer at the heart of everything. With brands now having the ability to talk directly with personalized messaging, marketing efforts are more targeted than ever before. Consumers are in power and brands are paying close attention.

A great example of this came from Sarah Robb O’Hagen, CEO of Fly Wheel. During her keynote she spoke of an experience at Gatorade where sales were in decline following a major brand repositioning. Sarah and her Consumer Insights colleague turned to social media where they mined data to uncover a young, athletic target audience – who loved the new branding. The team focused on this segment, developing a portfolio of products designed just for them. Listening to their consumers rather than initial sales numbers led to a very successful brand relaunch. Sarah still has the article that called the repositioning effort a failure hanging in her office.  

Alexandra Howson, Director, Research & Strategy

One of the more interesting trends from CRC is how automated/self-service research solutions appear to be on the upswing. There were presentations about how, in this age of tighter timelines and smaller budgets in consumer insights departments (which, for smaller brands can sometimes only be 1-2 people), coupled with advances in technology and AI in the space, they are able to automate and make studies more efficient, while not sacrificing richness of data and insights. While this isn’t expected to completely change how traditional market research is conducted, it certainly could be a disruptor at the very least. –