Creative Wellness Check

In Katrina Velasco’s talk, “Go Beyond Your Creative Blocks – Let Ideas Flow to You,” the idea of “creative health” really stood out to me. Creativity has officially jumped on the health and wellness trend. But, what does this really mean? Katrina explains a few tactics to harness our creative health and get past our creative blocks.

  • Discovery: This is about being mindful. Self-awareness also plays a role when you can step away from the problem and recognize what your blockers are. Then, there’s meditation.  Thais can can sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be sitting cross-legged on a pillow for 30 minutes; it’s simply the act of letting your thoughts go and letting your mind take a rest — where that idea you had in the shower came from.
  • Exploration: Maybe an obvious one, but as creatives, we have to be constantly learning. Be curious and ask questions with an open mind. This reminded me of something Nick Law, CCO of Publicis, said in the panel, “The Future of Creative Leadership: Modular Teams Curated by Storytelling & Design.” He spoke about using our “internal dataset,” which simply means, all our life experience that makes us who we are and that we should take this and apply it to our creativity. Exploration helps us grow that internal dataset.
  • Connection: Communicating effectively with others and having an inspiring setting to work. Most of the time, we are confined to a conference room, but no one is stopping us from going outside or brainstorming in a coffee shop if that atmosphere is more conducive to inspiration.
  • Energy Management: This was an interesting one. What do you spend most of your time thinking about? You may find that you’re diverting a lot of attention to negative thoughts, where that energy could be better spent elsewhere.

There’s no magic formula to being creative, but being “creatively healthy” can help us open our minds and get past the things that are holding us back.