Isobar Named a Finalist in the Acquia Engage Awards

When two of Texas’ best and brightest networks, Texas Health Resources & Southwestern, came together it was a good day for the people of North Texas. Especially since this new, integrated health system was created entirely to deliver better quality and improved value. But, when those benefits weren’t apparent on their website and other communications and, worse yet, not resonating with consumers, something different and more compelling had to be done.

The new organization, Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), engaged us to completely revamp, redesign and implement a new digital presence. We approached the challenge by first understanding their business objectives, specific audiences, differentiating products, as well as their competition’s offerings. We then narrowed the scope to focus on a few vital CTAs and messages. The story we wanted to tell was simple, genuine and allowed them to relate with consumers in a way that’s credible, approachable and, most importantly, human. The underlying technology platform, Acquia (Drupal, Lightning, Lift and Content Hub) was selected for its flexibility, reliability, maintainability and reasonable cost. Add it all together and SWHR now has a site that quickly delivers benefits and proof points to the audiences they serve.

The requirements and timeline for this project made SWHR a far more complex website than one might suspect. It is both a B2B and B2C site, with a wide target audience comprised of physicians, employers, brokers and healthcare organizations, each with different content requirements and marketing goals.

Southwestern Health is also at the technical crossroads of several data systems managed by SWHR teams. We were tasked with providing a physician search that indexed all of these sources, allowing patients to quickly connect with health care professionals.  Finally, the site needed to implement a Solr search application that allowed visitors to connect with over 4000 physicians at over 1000 different locations.

There were three keys to making this site a success: First, selecting a CMS platform that was smart enough to deliver contextually-aware content to various visitor constituencies. Second, building the site on an infrastructure that could integrate seamlessly with a variety of different technical data sources. And, lastly, to create a robust search application whose data sets change on a daily basis.

To meet these challenges — and the exceptionally tight delivery timeline — we leveraged Acquia’s Lightning Profile and BLT suite of development tools. This was our first experience with the Build-Launch-Test system and we were very pleased with the experience. BLT provides an out-of-the-box development environment for team members in addition to code standardization, testing and deployment without the need to install any other tools.

The Lightning Profile provides a baseline Drupal 8 installation with the most common additional modules needed for a highly functional site. This shaves days off the initial configuration and deployment chores. We even used BLT’s built-in KSS offering to build an automated style-guide for front-end development. This was a highly effective approach that allowed our front-end team to work almost completely independently of their back-end counterparts during the early phases of development – which saved us weeks during early development.

With Isobar’s design and Acquia’s platform the site has seen unparalleled success.

Since the site launched some of more impressive success metrics include:

  • 609% increase in organic traffic prior to promoting the site. The increase primarily reflects improved organic search results.
  • 5% of users clicked to make an appointment. As we roll out personalized content and landing pages we expect this and other conversion metrics to improve even more.
  • Exceeding every WVO SLA related to System Uptime and Server Response Times
  • Zero Security Vulnerabilities or Issues

Drupal is a remarkable CMS framework that can accomplish almost anything. In the case of Southwestern Health Resources, it allowed us to provide a great interface to editorial team members, while flawlessly interacting with all the client’s third-party systems.

Acquia helped us tremendously by providing top-notch Dev-Ops capabilities and ongoing technical help. They worked closely with Isobar to develop a scalable, lightning fast platform that the development and client teams could completely depend on.

Read more about the other finalists here and check back in to see if we take home the top prize!

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