My Summer Internship in a Word: Immersive

As the marketing intern, I worked with a supportive team that taught me the ins and outs of positioning a digital agency as well as all that goes into completely redesigning a website. From the first to the last week of my internship in the Chicago office, I was constantly in meetings and conference calls. Even if I wasn’t entirely familiar with the project, I was invited.  I was never tossed aside and sent out on coffee runs. Through these calls and meetings, I not only learned about the agency itself, but also how to work through problems with the help of a team. Nothing gets done by just one person; working with a team allows different perspectives to be seen and considered. There was never a dull moment in the office, which made this summer even more enjoyable.

Each month started out with an analytics meeting which detailed the performance of each of Isobar’s website properties. We looked at how site traffic varied from month to month, taking our marketing efforts in consideration. I looked forward to the beginning of every month for this call! It was interesting to see where our traffic was coming from and how users were arriving at our websites. These insights helped us focus our marketing efforts.

Another exciting project I helped with was the redesign of Isobar and alpha-DNA’s website, Digital Strength Index. I sat in on user experience, QA, back-end development, analytics and creative meetings — all centered around the production of this website. As someone with a limited knowledge of website development, it was a great learning experience to see from start to finish how a website was built. Every little feature is scrutinized and thought through three times over, just to make sure each interaction and visual is intuitive to each brand-new user. In an effort to create effective re-targeting ads, I designed potential user flows that gave us a better idea of the user journey throughout the site. This helped us visualize where and when users were exiting the site. So, yes, I was technically the marketing intern, but every project I was involved in taught me about other disciplines that I didn’t realize I was interested in.

The best part of this internship was that it didn’t feel like an internship- it felt like a job. I was held responsible for tasks and people relied on me to meet expectations. While there was no hand holding, I never felt scared to ask questions. The immense support and encouragement I received while working on and presenting my final presentation (which was a press coverage competitive analysis and social media audit) is something I will never forget. Working at Isobar over the summer not only taught me about marketing communications and strategy, it connected me with amazing, hardworking people who are passionate about their work.



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