Q1 2018 Quarterly Growth Report

For our third Quarterly Report, Isobar and alpha-DNA take a look back at Q1 2018 and analyze the past quarter’s growth and the future quarter’s projected growth through a lens of Digital Strength to identify those companies and industries on the right track or at risk.

Key Findings

  • In the decade after the 2008 financial crash, Q1 2018 will mark the highest revenue growth reported by the S&P Index since Q3 2011
  • Year-to-date 2018 growth oriented companies continue to be rewarded far better than the rest of the market in terms of their overall stock price performance.
  • The proportion of companies reporting a positive revenue surprise still remains high at 74%, where on average we would expect 55-60%
  • Perhaps a canary in the coal mine, we’ll be watching the Consumer Discretionary sector which is showing a deceleration of -2.6%.


Q1 2018: Top 1000 Revenue Performance by Sector

In an economy that is hot, it only emphasizes the need for companies to be able to continuously accelerate their strong topline revenue growth numbers (or be prepared to get punished by the financial markets in terms of their stock prices under-performing relative to their peers).


An In-depth Look

Our latest quarterly report magnifies the ever growing space between the leaders and laggards. Check it out to find out which companies are at risk for falling further behind.


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