Isobar Named Finalist for 2018 MITX Awards

Last year, Isobar created a first of its kind Virtual Reality experience using Microsoft’s Mixed Reality technology to capture artist William Patrick Corgan’s performance in volumetric video.  The result?  Aeronaut VR.

The experience, directed by David Liu and Rob Ruffler, looked to garner the attention of Smashing Pumpkins fans, VR enthusiasts, music fans, technologists and those seeking something new and exciting.  As technology transforms, so does the way we consume content – the two go hand in hand.  With each iteration comes more opportunity, but also, more complexity.  While music VR videos are still amazing, we’ve been seeing them for some time and, to be honest, we’ve already moved on.  This first-ever volumetric VR experience puts the fan in the drivers’ seat.

By combining a number of unique technologies, we were able to create a world strictly for the benefit of the viewer, allowing the artist to reach the fan in a way he, nor other artists, have ever been able to do before. The roomscale experience enables the user to walk around in the world imagined by TiltBrush artist, Danny Bittman and was brought to life by Isobar, Viacom and David Liu and Rob Ruffler, who led production.

As the very first music experience entirely conceived and created within Virtual Reality, Aeronaut VR has completely changed the visual expression of music to the limits of the artists’ imagination.

Congratulations to the rest of the finalists!  Check out the full list here and stay tuned to see if we take home the award: